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    Penance 'Madman' Malum

    Penance walked on past the room, then quickly turned a corner and glanced about, grinning as Hanso went on into the room, apparently at a hurry. He had to quiet his snickering and resumed his own journey. Yeah, those two were a good couple, but there was also the Gardevoir, but if Scar was any indication then she wouldn't even remember the good times she had with the Gallade. That poor old Gallade would be so confused at the beginning, but that was what fate had in store for him, now the question was who would he choose. Would he go with the strong fire type, or the fragile psychic that would desperately need his help? It would say a lot about his personality as well, hehe.

    The tunnels winded about but he soon made it to where the ceremony was to take place... all the way in the outskirts of the wilderness. The paneling was coming along nicely and the signs were all up to date. If they weren't some heads would be rolling already. The torches were ready and the names were still being written, but it would be all okay. His Affiliates were trained well in this practice ever since... well... that one time.

    He shook his head, "Hm... should be time by now. Kingsley, go and start throwing out the papers. Are the psychics off?"

    "Yes sir!" A Machoke stated. "They left a few minutes ago. So far no cries of distress have come up, so we assume their missions are going successful."

    He smirked at that, "Of course they would be! It's clockwork... always has been."

    Meanwhile in Cape City the Affiliates had been building, but paused as a bird flew overhead and multiple paper slips fell down. On each one was the Affiliate's symbol... and that was enough to cause them to cease their activities and head to the town gates. It was time.

    The way there were lined with torches that now glowed against the setting sun. The many Affiliates walked along solemnly until finally getting to the large area. There was a wooden stage with a large wooden pole on it. There were numerous papers attached to the wooden pole, but for now the Affiliates remained silent, just waiting for the ceremony to begin.

    Cape City began to stir as the sun set. Along with the Affiliates, soldiers of the Alpha Alliance too began to make their way to the plains, after the messages from their Generals of the ceremony that was to take place there. Because of Cape City's proximity to Gold City, the Alpha Alliance armies didn't tell the citizens that it was entirely safe to return to the city. Yet despite this, their seizure of Cape made hundreds flock back to their homes. Once news of the ceremony also reached their ears, they too wanted to be apart of it. To the many that fought for their freedom, they figured they owed them that. To others, they just wanted to see what the excitement was about.

    Generals Belas and Hazone strolled along the lit path along with their men to the designated location. Their presence at the ceremony was a must, according to Hazone, who believed morale was everything at this point in the war. Following the lit path, the Pokemon of the Alpha Alliance gathered around the wooden stage, many of them chatting among themselves, while others stood grimly, remembering the dead, whether they were their family or friends. It was a gathering of contrasting emotions, because while so many were happy to see their lives returned, others were devastated that so many were lost in the process.

    Soon after, members of the Gold Tribe began making their way down the path. Zane walked alongside Guardia, Dryad and Sword and Shield down to where the other Pokemon began to gathered, joining the crowd as one of them. The other would surely come soon after. Excited murmurs came from some of the citizens, as Zane was reminded of their status to many who hadn't battled with them on a regular basis. Even after everything, there was admiration and respect from so many.

    Hosted by the Affiliates or not, a ceremony honoring the brave dead was something Zane couldn't skip. This was a ceremony essentially for everyone, which he could respect. After all, without the Alpha Alliance backing them, there was no way the Gold Tribe could have made it this far. Whether or not the Affiliates would choose to remember the fallen Gold Tribe as well was irrelevant to him. He knew he would remember them. And when the time came for their traditional burial in the Golden Cemetery in Gold City, where essentially all fallen Gold Tribe members were honored, he would do so to all of the fallen who died under his command.

    The light from the torches wavered in the fast approaching night sky as a Combusken came up to the stage. She raised her hands to the sky and spoke out loudly, "Affiliates, guests, take heed. Only if you are ready to release the souls of the departed shall ye attend this meeting. If you cannot let go, then away with you! For now... silence!"

    The fire type moved away from the center of the stage as Penance stepped up and began to pace around on it. He opened his mouth, as if to speak, but he closed it again and paced a bit more. "It has been some time since we last did this Affiliates... so long since a loss of life happened." He stopped and faced the crowd, "The visions showed to us... the prophecies came to pass... because we were fated to lose our way... we were fated to arrive at this point in time.. to experience this catastrophe."

    "AS IS FATED." The Affiliates shouted out.

    "We have lost many today, but the loss couldn't be averted. They gave their lives, as was fated to be their choice. They died, so that many more could be saved. That has been this war... death so that lives could be spared. Death so that for one more minute this world can continue on its current path."

    He smiled weakly, "But as is customary... their souls must be led."

    The Combusken spoke up once more, "It is said in the darkness that lost souls continue to mingle on this world, unable to find their way. To aid them it is said that light will guide them to the heavens." Suddenly the Combusken began to twirl on the stage. She twirled faster and faster as flames began to sprout from his hands. Finally she stopped twirling causing her to face the pole as she shot out the fire she had gathered at the pole. The flames quickly ran up the wood as the papers attached to it caught alit as well.

    "The names of those who perish shall no longer remain on this world. To do so will mean their spirits will be captured here eternally. By burning their names yet another chain that bounds them here is shattered. May the sadness perish as well. From this moment on, their suffering ends."

    As the fire reached the top of the monument a signal must have been given because from the back of the monument more flames rose up into the sky, flames to help the spirits return to the heavens.

    Penance bowed his head for a moment, then pulled himself up, "Well, that's that! Let the celebrations begin!" A pair of cannons off to the side sounded out as loud cheers broke off from the Affiliate crowd. Music began to play from the various musicians who had brought their instruments into the crowd and a more cheerful atmosphere settled. There were even those who had brought stores of food and drink with them and wasted no time in getting free from the crowd and setting up the miniature booths they had to start serving. Eventually the musicians settled into a similar medley as it became more along a celebration.