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I hope I'm putting this in the correct spot.

This is an idea I've been throwing around in my head for the last few years. And I've already coded the engine needed to run it...

A lot of fandoms have fan conferences where they meet up at a cool location and just geek out about their fandom/franchise. Nintendo does conventions every now and then--but really not much at all. And I don't think there have ever been any fan-run ones.

With that said, for their to be one, a lot of money would have to be put up to RUN the thing (venue, events, guests, workshops, merch, etc, etc).

So... I thought. What if one was hosted online through a sort of MMORPG styl-ish platform?

Well, like I said, I've been coding this for a while. My idea is this: An online Pokémon Fan Convention in the form of an MMORPG version of the games.

The venue? Somewhere we already know from the games. I've been coding it in the Battle Frontier from Emerald. The idea would be to have the "convention" last for one or two weeks. People register, choose their character and are sorted into teams or "cabins" (you get the idea) and play minigames to raise points for their teams. As they play more games, the more areas they unlock on the map which leads to even more games: meaning more chances to raise your personal and team points.

The winning team had bragging rights. As for the individual players with the highest points, there could be some cool prizes to give out (large and small).

Live events could be hosted throughout the week. Big-name fans/webmasters hosting live panels through things like ustream or Google Hangout. Other events could be Black/White (or maybe more practical: NetBattle) tournaments. Also in-game events where we try to get people to play certain MMO mini-games and duke it out! (I'm currently trying to implement a SSB-style mini game where you can fight other players, or campers or convention-goers--whatever you want to call it).

Like, I said, I have it pretty much coded. The engine itself is done. The map is done. Character selection, login, registration, is complete. Server is available. Highscore coding is complete. What I'm currently working on are the mini-games (there would have to be a lot to keep people entertained for a week!)

So, my question is: WHAT DO YOU THINK? Is it worth it? Would you participate? Do you think it'd be popular? I feel like if we had enough participation and word-of-mouth hype, it could work.

I have an old domain for an old fansite I used to run (Pokemon Sky). I was thinking of calling it SkyCon or something similar.

I'd love to know your thoughts. If you guys don't think it'll work, I'll take my engine to the Harry Potter fandom--they'll eat it up like choclate cake! haha. If it happened, I'd be shooting for sometime of Summer next year (Summer seems most ideal as that's when people aren't in school!)
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