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I could've swore I'd already posted in this thread. Oh well.

Gen 1: Tentacruel. I'm sure there are uglier if I really thought about it, but with how much I hate it and it's prevolution, I just can't stand looking at either of them.

Gen 2: Octillery. Just like real life octopi, I don't much care for the way Octillery looks. Plus, it really doesn't help that it evolves from a normal looking fish.

Gen 3: Exploud. I just can't get over the fact that every time I look at it, it looks like it's dislocated its jaw. I also have no clue what the random holes in its body are for.

Gen 4: Probopass. As it Nosepass wasn't bad enough, they had to go ahead and give it a stupid hat, duck head hands, and a big moustache. And it's part Steel type for some reason.

Gen 5: Roggenrola. What are you supposed to be, exactly? All I know is that if you gave me 3 minutes, a pen and some paper, I could make a much more detailed Pokemon than that.

Gen 6: Noivern. It's not awful, but it's the one I like the least out of the Pokemon we've seen thus far. I expect this answer'll change, though.