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SoulSilver Ground Monotype, Update #3

-Did some Surfing in the back of Union Cave.
-Found a Moon Stone in the Ruins of Alph, which I used to evolve Gareth into Nidoking.
-Got 700 coins at the Game Corner, which I spent on a Sandshrew named Morgause, who I put in the Daycare.
-Went through Route 42 and beat the trainers there. Also beat the one trainer in Mt. Mortar, and in doing so Marhaus reached Level 25 and evolved into Graveler.
-Arrived in Mahogany Town.
-Went up to the Lake of Rage, beat the red Gyarados and got the Red Scale.
-Met with Lance at the lakeside.
-Found the Choice Specs.
-Traded the Red Scale for the Exp. Share.
-Took Morgause out of the Daycare when she was almost Level 22, then got her there and she evolved into Sandslash.
-Stormed the Team Rocket base and got them out of Mahogany.
-Got HM05 for Whirlpool from Lance.
-Arrived in Olivine City.
-Got a Moon Stone from Mom's savings (cool, now I can get a Nidoqueen if I really want to).
-Went up the Lighthouse and found Jasmine.
-Hunted down some Magnemite and eventually caught one with a Metal Coat, so I gave that to Rocky and traded him and Marhaus to get them to evolve into Steelix and Golem.
-Went down the water routes 40 and 41 to arrive in Cianwood City.
-Battled Eusine, he was pretty easy.
-Got the SecretPotion from the Pharmacy.
-Returned to the Lighthouse and gave the SecretPotion to Jasmine.
-Was called by Baoba to be told the Safari Zone was open.
-Went to the Gym and challenged the Leader!

Olivine Gym overview:
Team entering the fight: Gareth LV30 - Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, Peck, Double Kick
Arcana LV29 / Quick Claw - Surf, Mud Shot, Water Gun, Amnesia
Rocky LV29 - Tackle, Screech, Headbutt, Rock Tomb
Marhaus LV29 - Selfdestruct, Magnitude, Rock Blast, Rock Polish
Morgause LV22 - Poison Sting, Sand-Attack, Fury Swipes, Strength
She starts off with her first Magnemite while I open with Gareth. I kill her in one hit with Fire Blast.
Next up is, sure enough, Steelix. I use Fire Blast and hit, and it does more than half, which brings her to her Sitrus Berry, but she only uses Screech. Her: 45% or so HP, Me: Full health and -2 Defense. I hit with Fire Blast again and kill her.
Finally is her other Magnemite. One Fire Blast kills her and ends the battle. Gareth grows to Level 31 after that.
Yeah, I didn't think anyone expected this to be hard. I don't think Arcana would have done enough to kill Steelix in one hit, but bottom line, that worked out easily. My only concern would have been if Fire Blast had missed.

So yeah, short update is short with only one Gym Leader, but I did do a lot of extra stuff. Also, I know it's kinda cheap to catch a Magnemite with a Metal Coat so I can evolve Onix before Kanto, but it isn't exactly easy to get your hands on.

So here's my team (at least of my type):
Golem (M) "Marhaus", Level 29
Nature: Brave
Ability: Rock Head
Moves: Magnitude, Rock Polish, Rock Blast, Selfdestruct

Quagsire (F) "Arcana", Level 29
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Water Absorb
Moves: Amnesia, Mud Shot, Surf, Water Gun

Steelix (M) "Rocky", Level 29
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Sturdy
Moves: Headbutt, Rock Tomb, Screech, Tackle

Nidoking (M) "Gareth", Level 31
Nature: Rash
Ability: Poison Point
Moves: Double Kick, Fire Blast, Peck, Thunderbolt

Sandslash (F) "Morgause", Level 22
Nature: Hasty
Moves: Poison Sting, Strength, Fury Swipes, Sand-Attack
Not sure what i'll do with her, I might try to use her but probably not.
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