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Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
Mudkip of course, cos he gains a Ground-type when he evolves meaning he is really good at countering Wattson easily. I also had the best time playing when I picked Mudkip, since his evos have only one weakness and decent defensive stats.
This. I learned very early on that my Mudkip slash Marshtomp can easily counter the first four gyms. Water attacks deal with Roxanne and Flannery easily, Mud Shot OHKO's all of Wattson's Pokemon and well Brawly you can work around using Marshtomp's defenses, Bide and potions.

Also Marshtomp is generally the derpest of the three making him my favorite. And the fact that he's water/ground (two of my favorite types and possibly my favorite type combination) is just so much better.

But if I couldn't pick Mudkip for some strange reason, I'd go with Treecko for speed and I like it's evolution line more than Torchic's, aesthetically.

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