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    Been a while since I worked on this challenge, but I'm finally done!
    Next Challenge: Signature Move - Sinnoh (Pearl)
    • Signature move will be U-turn (TM89; just for convenience )
    • Expected Revised team will be Infernape (TM), Lumineon (Level), Staraptor (TM), Vespiquen (TM), Purugly/Ambipom (TM) and Crobat (TM). (Actual team may vary)

    "Highest Stat - Attack" Challenge Update #4 (Final)

    So, been a while since I've updated on my progress in the Hoenn region. All I need to say is, win rate? 100%. For now. Hopefully that will continue on until I beat the champion. Teams Magma and Aqua have been causing havoc by awakening the legendary Pokemon Kyogre and Groudon, with the intent of controlling it. Instead, it caused wide-spread extreme weather phenomenon.

    Steven Stone was at the Mossdeep Space Center attempting to stop Team Magma, and I assisted him in taking the evil team down.

    I met the champion, Wallace, at Sootopolis City, and he introduced me to his mentor (who is the 8th gym leader), Juan. Looks like I have some interesting competition for Champion...

    Wallace and I went to Sky Pillar to get Rayquaza to calm the other two legendary Pokemon down. It worked, and weather patterns returned to normal in Hoenn!

    Wally visited me while I was in Victory Road, intent on beating me (after being strangely absent for the past few weeks). He lost again, and he was still determined to better me some day. Of course, that "some day" will have to wait, as I have the Elite 4 and Champion to beat still.

    Wallace proved slightly harder than I thought, and I lost my first and only time in this entire journey. I whited out, and the next thing I knew, I was back at the entrance of the Pokemon League building. I decided to go on a shopping trip, as well as train a bit more. I swept through Wallace's team this time, after having learned his strategy in battle. He commended me on my performance, and was happy to recognize me as the new League Champion.

    What lies ahead for me? Well, I got word from my Mom that we'll be heading off to Sinnoh to check out some unique artifacts or something like that. Hopefully there's a league challenge there, because I'll gladly take that on, as well!

    Photo Album: (not a lot of memoirs, to be honest)
    Pkmn Emerald - High Stat Atk


    Swampert - Level 55 - Quirky Female (Sea Incense)
    BST - 100/110/90/85/90/65
    Moves: Take Down, Surf, Earthquake, Ice Beam

    Mightyena - Level 53 - Brave Male (BlackGlasses)
    BST - 70/99(+10%)/70/60/60/63(-10%)
    Moves: Strength, Howl, Rock Smash, Crunch

    Breloom - Level 55 - Careful Male (Miracle Seed)
    BST - 60/130/80/54(-10%)/66(+10%)/70
    Moves: Mega Drain, Headbutt, Sky Uppercut, Bulk Up

    Shiftry - Level 54 - Relaxed Male (Hard Stone)
    BST - 60/100/66(+10%)/90/60/72(-10%)
    Moves: Faint Attack, Extrasensory, Rollout, Giga Drain

    Sableye - Level 53 - Mild Female (Cleanse Tag)
    BST - 50/75/67.5(-10%)/71.5(+10%)/65/50
    Moves: Faint Attack, Shock Wave, Shadow Ball, Aerial Ace

    Flygon - Level 55 - Adamant Female (Soft Sand)
    BST - 80/110(+10%)/80/72(-10%)/80/100
    Moves: Crunch, DragonBreath, Fly, Earthquake

    Bingo Card: