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    Here's my corrupted character, I will probably do some touch-up work on it but here's what I've got so far.

    Name: [email protected] - (Goes by Shinatem, with a loud high frequency screech at the "!" in it's name.)
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [email protected] is basically a BDC version of Jack, with obvious differences, blonde hair instead of brown and a scar on his right cheek instead of the left. With those exceptions, [email protected] looks almost exactly like Jack,

    Personality: [email protected] in his feral form, is a senseless killer with a short fuse. He may appear calm at first, but that's only because he hasn't decided to kill you yet. I guess you could think of his feral personality as that of the Terminator, hunting down whatever it considers a target and destroying anything that gets in the way. In his tamed form, [email protected] is still fairly violent, but to a lesser extent and will only attack if he is angered. He is a loner, avoiding all people and only spending time with his pokemon when it comes time to use them in a battle.

    Glitch Preference: [email protected] can warp to any location at will. However, whenever he warps the air around where he leaves and lands becomes pixelated and the ground beneath his feet gets scorched black. Also, from time to time his skin turns pitch black and his eyes turn red, almost glowing, this usually only happens when he is angered though.

    Anything Else?: If he doesn't like how his pokemon are battling or feels that he may lose, [email protected] will jump in and fight the opponent himself, which often catches the opponent offguard.


    Name: L4U8N8
    Species: Shadow Cresselia
    Gender: Female
    Personality:L4U8N8 is pure evil, unlike it's non shadow version. L4U8N8 loves to cause trouble and will attack anything in sight, aside from it's owner.
    Attacks: Shadow Rave, Shadow Blast, Psychic, and Shadow Ball
    Level: 50

    Name: [email protected]7h
    Species: Skeleton Aerodactyl
    Gender: Male
    Personality:[email protected]7h is just as dangerous as a normal Aerodactyl, but is very deceptive. He appears to be a normal Aerodactyl until getting hit, it then reveals his true form as a living skeleton with black bones. Being an undead pokemon, [email protected]7h has absolutely no feelings and only understands one thing, killing. On a side note, [email protected]7h doesn't seem capable of being killed, when his body falls apart the bones just reconnect and he starts flying again.
    Attacks: Night Daze, Shadow Sneak, Ancient Power, and Explosion.
    Level: 255

    Name: 3ZXK2
    Species: Lapras
    Gender: Male
    Personality: 3ZXK2 is a lot different from the rest of [email protected]'s pokemon. 3ZXK2 is actually quite timid, only fighting because his owner commands him too. However, he might as well be diagnosed bipolar, because even though he's calm one second, making eye contact could result in 3ZXK2 trying to rip your face off. And unlike normal Lapras, 3ZXK2 has the ability to levitate and fly.
    Attacks: Hydro Pump, Fly, Sacred Fire, Ice Beam.
    Level: 1

    Name: Omnix
    Species: Ditto
    Gender: Genderless
    Personality: Omnix is pretty much the evil clone of Splat, Jack's Ditto. Due to hectic coding errors, Omnix spontaneously transforms into random pokemon that it may not have even seen before. Also, unlike normal ditto, Omnix is black in color and has glowing red eyes, this appearance stays with all of his transformations, giving them dark evil appearances. Omnix also has the capability of using metronome without being transformed and can still use it even if it has transformed.
    Attacks: Transform, Metronome.
    Level: 1-255 (Changes all the time)
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