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    Originally Posted by Fiery Dash View Post
    In my eyes, BW2's feature are close to perfect.
    They should add a Jukebox in the same fashion as PokeGear,
    a Jukebox that one can listen to all soundtracks from Gev I to Gen V!
    Secondly I'm a huge fan of Hoenn Contests,
    collecting Ribbons are one of my Hobbies from Gen III and IV!
    I once had a Blastoise who had 25 ribbons on him,
    it's not many but it's great to one's hardwork getting commemorate!
    They are not just average Ribbons, they contain memories of that effort and hardships!
    I was a little disappointed to see Ribbon not returning in BW2.
    I agree with the above statements. The only thing I would add to this list is an expansion to the side quest with Curtis/Yancy. After completing their side quest, I kinda wished there was more, like make Curtis/Yancy and your character an official couple or something.
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