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    Went to Target to help my sister do some shopping for a Wedding Shower and winded up coming across the two packs of cards with sleeves and there were a pack of each of EX Dragon Frontiers along with a pack of Black & White. Then went to Walmart and winded up picking up a loose pack of Dark Explorers.

    Black & White:

    UR Zekrom FA
    Rare Swanna
    Reverse Holo Vullaby
    Reverse Holo Sandile

    EX Dragon Frontier:

    Holo Rare Heracross
    Holo Rare Milotic
    Reverse Holo Tropius
    Reverse Holo Copycat

    Dark Explorers:
    Entei EX Full Art
    Reverse Holo Volcarona

    I always like it when the reverses are rares!
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