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Originally Posted by RandomMudkip View Post
Hello everyone. My name is Kevin. I am here to say a couple of things. Please read below.

I am here to say that I have sold my music to a record company, and my music soon could be heard on the radio. I have also been scouted for a team in the Italian Serie A Football (soccer league) for the team called Inter. I could be producing music or playing football at an international level. I did not except any of this to happen, and I thought I could come back to PC in the future. That has changed. I will have to leave PC forever. I will never be online again after next Monday. I know I already said this, but there is no chance of me returning ever again.

I'm sorry guys. I really do love you guys and I am sad to leave, but when destiny calls, you have no choice but to answer. Music and Football are my life and I will be in either one of those fields. I'm sorry guys.

I would like to make some shout outs to people who helped me along the way.

Thank you dearly for helping me with all the questions I had, and being one of my first friends on PC. I will miss you, and I wish you all the best in life. Thanks and God bless.

You were there for me whenever I needed a hand and were always friendly to me even when you didn't have to be. I will also miss you for all you did.

For my first friend on PC, cheers and keep on going.

I didn't really speak to you much, but I wish I did. You are a very nice person and a great friend and a great person. I wish you success in your life journey, and I hope you stay this way forever.

You are a genius. You're 12 and you know almost every type of code there is to know which is mind boggling. You were a great friend, and you will definitely succeed in what you love.

Others who I'd like to mention,
ShadowExcadrill, Datbootyswag, Pokéchris, The fattest Snorlax.

Well this is the end. Goodbye everyone. Good luck and cheers.

I'm sad you have to leave us Kevin, but honestly I completely understand cause that sounds like an amazing thing to happen to you. Good luck with both with your music and football career cause those are two opportunities I'd never be able to take myself. It would be cool if that one day I'm listening to the radio and hear your music cause I hope you can make it big. Or maybe one day you're a big football star. Either way no matter where life takes you, good luck with your future. :)

Originally Posted by Ms.Whazzup View Post
Hello Everybody I'm Ms.Whazzup and I will be account switching now because of something personal and my new account will be xMikasax so goodbye and we will meet again sometime.
Aww that's unfortunate but at least you'll be back soon. See you on your new account Mr.Whazzup!
im back
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