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    Originally Posted by Le pug View Post
    I'm using Pokemon FireRed and I'm trying to put a Team Aqua member from Pokemon Ruby into Pokemon FireRed via Overworld Sprite Editor Rebirth Edition and I imported the sprites and it shows it normal in the program but when I am in AdvanceMap and I try to put a sprite event on the map, the sprite is like completely different colors, mostly blue like.. if you inverted the color or something. Anyone know why?
    Because in advanced map, the palettes that go with the original sprite will always stick.

    For example, let's say I change the first sprites palette to 3, and the original palette for that sprite is 0. When you open the sprite it Advanced map, it will have the palette of 0 and not 3. However, in game, the palette will be correct. This is only an issue for when you are editing, no one else will see this problem.
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