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    Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
    JPAN's hack, in its entirety, enables up to 65000 and most of the routines taken exist in all Advance Gen games, especially the main loader, which is exactly the same. However, I have a better idea.

    What I am seeing, if we continue with the bike, is a hack near the end of the routine which branches if the hero's bike is being loaded. At that point, we send it to check a var which will then read from a table and load the correct sprite. This, combined with my OW hack (simply for instaloading of palettes) would work well and wouldn't require an expansion of OWs.
    That could probably work as well, guess I'm going to consider implementing some of that after I finished implementing all the gen4/5 stuff...
    There is still no solution for the "how", I'm still not converned by the idea of implementing an item for the sole purpose of riding a pokémon which you can't even choose.

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