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Originally Posted by xesphirox View Post
There is weird bug here if you catch totodile first in vermillion city you cannot catch chikorita at route 9
Thanks for pointing this out, it's because Chikorita shares the same Flag as Totodile which can easily be fixed in the next release.

Originally Posted by RockyLight View Post
Hey! (:
I'd just like to start off by saying congratulations for the nice hack!
Currently, I'm on my way to Lavender Town and I have found a couple of bugs..

First: There is an old lady in front of the Vermillion Gym which you cannot talk to.

Second: The second and fourth floor of the Rock Tunnel consists of low level and the same pokemon from the original game.

Although, I am not sure if these are intended fixes but I'll try to contribute as much as i can find to help people in case they are wondering :p
Thanks for this, I checked the Old lady outside Vermillion and there is no dialogue so I will fix this and as for the Rock Tunnel that's easily changeable.
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