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    Guys I'm sorry for the late, but you all are awesome here. Thank you all for your shares, & to (alienhunterx) & (Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers) for enriching & adds to this theory. So glad it had your appealing, & not being alone anymore with thinking of it, you know.

    Yes it's a matter of fact that nothing approved or mentioned about any kind of connection between Drake & The Abandoned Ship S.S Cactus, but both of them shares a 'mysterious' & 'unclear past' that wasn't explained clearly within the game's story & dialogs, unlike the rest of the game's characters, right? Drake's introducing holds this 'dramatic' within his fewer words about being saved in the past, but from what, when, where, & how it happened? Maybe that what Nintendo & GameFreak left for making guesses,,, Could it be cleared up in some upcoming remake for this wonderful game of Emerald? Hoping so, & you with me, right?

    Thank you again & so glad to be a part of your wonderful community here in the Poké
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