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    I'd not add anything. Rather replace something. Iris as Champion is the only flaw of B2W2. I wish they had chosen someone else. Like Drayden. Marshal would've also been a good choice, a black Champion (Iris isn't black but Southern Asian or Indian looking IMO) could be pretty interesting, and he has a pretty good team as well. A Fighting-type Champion would be a pleasant change from the Dragon-type we're all bored to see.

    The Champions were the low point of 5th gen IMO. Alder was a good character, but as a Champion he was really weak, being easily defeated by N and not having any competitive spirit left in himself ever since he lost Volcarona the original. His theme song wasn't cool either. I think, as a final challenge, the Ghetsis from the first game surpassed both Alder and Iris. The song was epic, his team was epic and suited him perfectly. I wish they had given him an even stronger team in B2W2 instead of downgrading him to Cyrus level. Not that Cyrus was weak, but he wasn't that strong either.

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