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When I was a child, I had this habit of pressing B and up when I threw a ball in order to catch a Pokemon. I was about 8 years old, and I caught a Zapdos with one UltraBall using this trick, so I was determined that it worked. I even talked to people in Pokemon forums about it, even though I knew that most people did not believe it (which eventually got me into researching Random Number Generation to see if it was possible... I was a weird kid)

I still have the habit of pressing B and Up. Other people look at me weird when I do it, though. I also do it when I land a super effective/critical hit on someone and am hoping that it will KO them, while watching their HP bar go down (especially with high level Pokemon where you are watching the HP bar go down for 3 seconds or so). I'm really not sure where that habit came from.

As far as actual catching technique goes, I tend to paralyze Pokemon because it's long-term and also reduces the target Pokemon's speed. It also raises the catch rate the most out of the other status effects without possibly KOing the Pokemon. Moves that cause paralysis without doing damage are also quite common. Depending on the Pokemon, I might not use damaging moves at all, for example if the Pokemon knows a self-harming move like double-edge (KYOGRE, I hated that).
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