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    Originally Posted by Flamebot View Post
    I am INVINCIBLE. I have the greatest party ever jkjk
    Yeah, I know what you mean, lol. I had to make a second release of checkpoint 2. As of checkpoint 2.1, the level curve have been adjusted. I realized that the early game level curve was a bit too easy. Gym Leader Lola was wayyyyyy too easy! Try to beat her now! Poor Eevee won't stand a chance! Hehehe.
    Originally Posted by classiccartoonsftw View Post
    Since you gave the Poison type a little boost, I'd like to suggest a little boost for the Ice type. You should make it resist Fairy, Bug, and maybe Water.
    This is an awesome idea. I'll add this immediately!
    Originally Posted by Flamebot View Post
    May I please have Checkpoint 2.0?
    Checkpoint 2 remains unreleased due to me having to update the level curve. I am uploading checkpoint 2.1 in a bit.

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