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Originally Posted by jellicentfan1 View Post
People are afraid of change. This happens every generation, people get mad, say "this is the worst gen so far", threaten not to play it, etc. However, usually once they do in fact play the games they then see how their presumptions were indeed wrong. I criticize a Pokemon game until I play it because I know they will always impress me.
Basically this. I follow loads of news when a new generation is announced, and I deal with seeing loads of fans on forums sometimes hating on the new Pokemon, features etc. of that generation. To me, I criticize a generation after I play the game in question and see what the flaws were and what they got right. While some of the new stuff in X & Y so far, like Mega Evolutions and especially the Fairy-type have gotten a few people raging over it, these two mechanics are going to change the competitive scene as we know it, and I think the Fairy-type has loads of possibilities with the designs of its respective Pokemon. Mega Evolutions were completely unexpected however, so that took most people by surprise and were worrying Pokemon was suddenly becoming a Digimon clone or something. I remember when I first saw some of the 5th Gen Pokemon in 2010, I thought they looked odd but they grew on me and now loads of them are among my faves!

And I bet my thoughts on X & Y will change when I play the actual games myself.
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