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Vera Fayos

Vera heard something behind her, and to her surprise found Hanso crawling out of the hole she had made. This definitely saved her a lot of effort. She walked over to him, slightly smiling, until-

She grabbed his face before saying anything to him ad stared at him for a moment, her smile now gone, and replaced with a worried grimace. "Your eyes..." She let him go and stepped away for a moment. "...what happened to you in there, Hanso? you're eyes are just like Sovereigns" Just like Varren's...

Vera snapped out of it. "They'll be starting the ceremony soon, you should go." Vera's body glowed as she shifted back to her regular shape. "I don't belong there, given the fact that I helped the ones that caused all this." She looked at the small rock that she had put her soul into. "Blazikenite..."