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    I agree a lot with the comments before me,
    people are afraid of changes.
    That became more evident,
    when people thought the first sets of Hoenn games were revamps of older games,
    as most of the older Pokemon like Magmar, Jynx etc...
    were absent from the said games.
    Also tradings between Gen II to Gen III were disabled,
    game mechanics heavily being altered...
    Thus the trend of "Bash the newer Gens, Older Gens are better" was born.
    From that moment on, a lot of people became "judge the game by its screencaps".
    Anything they see that is too new looking just gets bash.

    People takes things for granted these days,
    they should be happy and grateful that their favorite series is still here to these days!
    Evolution is not exclusive to the Pokemon themselves,
    the series itself is also evolving!

    Next time when playing Pokemon,
    try to have more gratitude.
    And if you don't know how, then catch a Shaymin. Ask it to teach you!
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