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Agreeing on a yearly battle event. I'm definitely up for it. As far as the BC DCC goes, I believe that did make a return at one point, but it only got about 4 or 5 replies. If people really want the BC DCC to make a return, then they have to make that commitment to regularly post there. In a sense, the battle server already replaces the DCC, if you look at it that way.

However, I do agree with Chase that the new generation could spark some interesting discussion indeed. Discussion surrounding X/Y's metagame could be held in the DCC. Then again, they could also be held on the server. Is it worth it to detract activity from the server to make a DCC in BC, considering you can discuss whatever's in the DCC in the server also? I don't think it's a huge risk, and I think it's something that can possibly work out, but it's a possibility nonetheless.

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