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Gunzerkers use the Infinity so well, though. All sorts of accuracy boosts along with Keep Firing... basically means that they shred anything in sight. Aside from that, though, they're pretty easily beaten by other pistols. Unkempt Harold, Rubi, Anarchist, Thunderball Fists, etc. all outclass it imo. Especially Rubi, which is probably my favourite weapon. d:

Anyway - I need some help! I'm just starting a replay of UVHM at level 61 with my Gunzerker, but I decided to challenge myself by selling all my gear. That was a bad idea since now I can't even beat a Marauder without getting lucky and activating No Kill Like Overkill, which isn't exactly ideal. Atm I'm farming in TVHM against BNK3R for a high-end Sham, but that's taking ages. Does anyone on PC have a level 61 character and feel like helping me get somewhere in the story to start unlocking at least some nice weapons? All I've got so far is a mid-end Maliwan Slag pistol and a Bonus Package (which is, incidentally, amazing - got extremely lucky for it to drop from Bewm and almost cried when I saw that it was both Longbow and Sticky!), and those two aren't getting me particularly far. So if anyone feels like lending a helping hand and just having a bit of fun, that'd be awesome. :]
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