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    Name:Flannery Lava
    Age/Grade/Rank:16/dunno/ dunno
    Gender: female
    Looks: fairly tall, red hair that is in a pony tail and is spiked out in triangles in the back, a black belly shirt with a red flame on, it , blue jeans, black accsesorie belt, and burgandy red eyes.
    starter pokemon: slugma, nick name: molteness, gender: female
    Pokall: great ball
    Personailty: very shy and nervous about being a new gym leader, loves fire pokemon/ ground pokemon/lava pokemon.
    Hometown: Lavaridge town
    ocupation: new gym leader, volenter at the fire department.
    items on belt:6 pkmn (slugma(lv. 26) torkoal (lv.21), 2 eggs, mightyena
    (lv.20), slugma (lv. 22), and a mawlie (lv. 25)), 8 super potions, 30 master ball"s( father makes them), 6 revives,20 poke balls, 15 great balls,10 luxury balls, 2 premire balls, 18 ultra balls and 10,000 pkmn dollars.