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    Quick Update:

    First off, I completed my Platinum Challenge. The Elite Four was going fine until Flint decides to use a Magmortar with Thunderbot >.> Poor Hentai T_T

    Adventure Log

    Starter Pokemon – Absol, Grumpig, Buizel

    Chose Absol, named him Side Slice

    Route 201 – Porygon-Z à Dead

    Route 202 – Whiscash à Captured (FishyFishy)

    Route 204 – Sableye à Captured (Gem)

    Route 203 à Ledian à Captured (Bugsy), diesto a trainer Machop

    Oreburgh Gate – Psyduck à Captured (Derpette)

    Route 207 – Claydol à Captured (Ufo)

    Oreburgh Mine – Zubat à Captured (Big Mouth)

    Oreburgh Gym complete, no loss.

    Current party: Side Blade, FishyFishy, Gem, Derpette, Ufo,Big Mouth

    Ravaged Path – Psyduck à Dead

    Route 204 – Derpette dies to a trainer Kricketot

    Valley Windworks – Snover à Dead

    Route 205 – Buizel à Captured (Motorboat)

    Eterna Forest – Phanphy à Captured (Dozer), Ufodies to a wild Kircketot, Big Mouth dies to a trainer Pachirisu, Motorboat diesto a trainer Medatite. Added Dozer from Box.

    Route 211 – Ivysaur à Captured (Flytrap)

    Mt. Coronet – Dusknoir à Dead

    Eterna Gym complete, no loss.

    Current Party: Side Blade, Gem, Dozer, Flytrap, FishyFishy

    Old Chateau – Cacnea à Captured (Prickers)

    Eterna City – Egg from Cynthia.

    Route 206 – Bagon à Captured (HardHelmet),Flytrap dies to a wild Crobat

    Wayward Cave – Shieldon à Captured (Bulwark)

    Route 207 Prickers dies to a trainer Geodude

    Route 208 – Rattata à Captured (Remy)

    Hearthome City – Eevee (Shifty)

    Hearthome Gym complete, no loss.

    Current Party: Side Slice, Shifty (Leafeon), Gem, Dozer,FishyFishy, HardHelmet

    Route 209 – Delcatty à Captured (KitKat)

    Solaceon Ruin – Jigglypuff à Captured (KaraokeBox)

    Route 210 – Trapinch à Dead

    Route 215 – Glameow à Dead

    Veilstone City – Porygon (Sphericly)

    Route 214 – Torchic à Captured (ChickChick)

    Veilstone Gym complete, no loss.

    Current Party: ChickChick (Combusken), Side Slice, Gem,FishyFishy, HardHelmet, Shift

    Valor Lakefront – Pidgeot à Captured (Grace),HardHelmet dies to Pidgeot

    Route 213 – Lickitun à Captured (SloppyKiss)

    Great Marsh – Staravia à Captured (Star Diver)

    Route 212 – Mesprit à Dead

    Pokemon Mansion – Tentacruel à Captured (Hentai)

    Pastoria Gym complete, no loss.

    Current Party: Shifty, Side Slice, Gem, Grace, FishyFishy,ChickChick

    Route 210 – ChickChick dies to a trainer Machoke, Gem diesto a trainer Noctowl

    Route 211 – Burmy à Dead

    Route 218 – Sunkern à Dead

    Iron Island – Whismur à Dead

    Canalave Gym complete, no loss

    Current Party: FishyFishy, Shifty, Hentai, Dozer, SideSlice, Grace

    Lake Verity – Abra à Captured (Magical)

    Route 216 – Cacturne à Dead

    Route 217 – Psyduck à dead, Dozer dies totrainer Electabuzz

    Acuity Lakefront – Snorun à Dead

    Snowpoint Gym complete, no loss

    Current Party: FishyFishy, Shifty, Hentai, Side Slice,Grace, SloppyKiss (Lickilicki)

    Laky Acuity – Yanma à Captured (Yammers)

    Veilstone City – SloppyKiss dies to trainer Golbat

    Sendoff Spring – Weezing à Dead

    Route 222 – Flygon à Captured (Dragoon)

    Sunyshore Gym complete, no loss

    Current Party: Dragoon, Hentai, Side Slice, FishyFishy,Grace, Shifty

    Route 223 – Golduck à Dead

    Victory Road – Sunflora à Dead

    Elite Four Challenge

    Aaron defeated, no loss.

    Bertha defeated, no loss.

    Flint Defeated, Hentai dies to Magmortar

    Lucian defeated, no loss.

    Cynthia defeated, Grace and FishyFishy die to Milotic

    Champion Party: Side Slice (Absol), Dragoon (Flygon), Shifty(Leafeon)

    Pokemon in Heaven (In order): Bugsy (Ledian), Derpette(Psyduck), Ufo (Claydol), Big Mouth (Zubat), Motorboat (Buizel), Flytrap(Ivysaur), Prickers (Cacnea), HardHelmet (Shelgon), ChickChick (Combusken), Gem(Sableye), Dozer (Donphan), Hentai (Tentacruel), Grace (Pidgeot), FishyFishy(Whiscash)

    Here are some pics of my final team

    Random Nuzlocke Challenge Platinum 1.png Random Nuzlocke Challenge Platinum 2.png

    Second Update!!!

    Since I was complete with this, I also have been doing my FireRed challenge on and off. I am currently at the Elite Four and am now just grinding up my Pokémon to around 55ish (trying to get that Larvitar to evolve T_T)

    Adventure Log

    Picked Slowpoke out of Slowpoke, Surskit, Koffing (namedScholar)

    Route 1 – Doduo – captured (Cerebus)

    Route 2 – Mawile – captured (Baiter)

    Viridian Forest – Mareep – captured (Roo)

    Route 22 Swellow – captured (Peckers)

    Pewter Gym complete, no loss.

    Current Party: Cerebus, Scholar, Baiter, Roo, Peckers

    Route 3 – Golbat – captured (Mouthy)

    Mt. Moon – Tyrogue – captured (Trainee), replaces Mouthy

    Route 4 – Nidorino (DaKing), Roo evolves into Flaaffy

    Route 24 – Dugtrio – captured (TrioTrio)

    Route 25 – Slaking – dead

    Cerulean Gym complete, no loss.

    Current Party: Scholar, Cerebus, Baiter, Roo, Peckers,Trainee

    Route 5 Wailord – captured (Shamoo)

    Route 6 – Lanturn – captured (Signal)

    Route 11 – Registeel – dead, Trainee evolves into Hitmonlee

    Diglett’s Cave – Sentret – dead, replaced Cerebus withTrioTrio

    Vermilion Gym complete, no loss

    Current Party: Scholar, Baiter, Roo, Peckers, Trainee,TrioTrio

    Route 9 – Grimer – captured (Sludgepool)

    Rock Tunnel – Bagon – dead

    Route 8 – Groudon – dead

    Route 12 – Delibird – captured (Santa), Roo evolves intoAmpharos

    Route 7 Ariados – captured (Itsy Bitsy)

    Route 16 – Spoink – captured (Bouncer)

    Celadon Gym complete, no loss.

    Current Party: Scholar, Baiter, Roo, Peckers, Trainee,TrioTrio

    Pokemon Tower – Nincada – dead, Baiter dies to wild Marowak

    Route 13 – Shuppet – captured (Puppet)

    Route 14 – Snorunt – captured (LitterRunt)

    Route 18 – Poliwhirl – captured (Swirly)

    Route 17 – Latias – dead, Swirly evolves into Poliwrath,Scholar evolves into Slowking

    Route 19 Togetic – captured (White Yolk)

    Fuschia Gym complete, TrioTrio dies to trainer Drowzee

    Current Party: Swirly (Poliwrath), Roo, Scholar (Slowking),Peckers, Trainee, Itsy Bitsy (Ariados)

    Silph Co. – Itsy Bitsy dies to a trainer Weezing, Seviperreceived (Slithers), Tinker evolves into Warturtle

    Fighting Dojo – Pupitar received (Tyrant)

    Saffron Gym complete, no loss, Tinker evolves into Blastoise

    Current Party: Tinker (Blastoise), Trainee, Peckers,Scholar, Roo, Swirly

    Route 20 – Mankey – captured (Monkers)

    Seafoam Islands – Weepinbell – dead

    Route 21 – Zapdos – dead

    Pokemon Mansion – Ho-oh – dead

    Cinnabar Gym complete, no loss

    Current Party: Tinker, Peckers, Scholar, Roo, Trainee,Tyrant

    Kindled Road – Abra – escaped

    Mt. Ember – Charmeleon – dead

    Cape Brink – Pidgeotto – captured (Grace)

    Three Island Port – Corphish – captured (Dr. Claw)

    Bond Bridge – Swablu – captured (Cheepers)

    Berry Forest – Tropius – captured (Leaf Sauce)

    Power Plant – Donphan – captured (Dozer)

    Viridian Gym complete, no loss

    Current Party: Tinker, Tyrant (Pupitar), Roo, Scholar, Peckers, Trainee

    Route 23 – Ninetales – captured (Kyuubi)

    Victory Road – Rapidash – captured (Mustang)

    FireRed Random_01.png

    Hopefully wanting to get this done so I can work on something else

    EDIT: FireRed Update

    Challenge Complete!

    I leveled everyone to 55 (Except for Pupitar, I waited until 56 so he'd learn Earthquake before evolving, didn't want to obtain it at 65+). And to be quite honest, Tyrant the Tyranitar carried me through 4/5 of the Elite Four. Had my Ampharos and Hitmonlee destroy Loreli, Slowking single handedly annihilated Bruno, Tyranitar for Agatha and Lance (Crunch, Rock Slide, Earthquake op). I get to the my Rival, and out of the freakin' blue, my Blastoise dies D: Was setting up my Rain Dance and the Rhydon got a lucky Earthquake crit T_T But I managed to clean house and able to lose no one else.

    Random Nuzlocke Challenge FireRed 1.png Random Nuzlocke Challenge FireRed 2.png

    Final Party: Roo the Ampharos, Trainee the Hitmonlee, Tyrant the Tyranitar, Peckers the Swellow, Scholar the Slowking.

    Deceased Pokémon: Baiter the Mawile, TrioTrio the Dugtrio, Itsy Bitsy the Ariados, Tinker the Blastoise.

    And with that, Platinum, FireRed, and Emerald challenge is complete
    Solo Run Single Champions: (FireRed)
    Eliminationlocke Challenge: (8/8) (2/16) (8/8) (0/8) (0/8)
    Random Nuzlocke Challenge: (8/8) (0/16) (8/8) (8/8) (0/8)
    Monotype Challenge - Grass: (0/8) (0/16)(3/8)(0/8)(0/8)

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