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Originally Posted by BlahISuck View Post
Same thing happened for the Taliban too, right? I think Saddam actually used the Cold War animosity as much as he could back in the day, courting both the American and Soviets. A legacy of that as well is the American friendship with Pakistan, just because India was more Soviet-oriented. If they were anti-communist, they were allies.
Well, we aided the Mujahadeen and worked very closely with the Saudis and the Pakistani ISI back in the 80's because they were all helping tribal Afghani forces in resisting the Soviets. The catch was that everybody had thier own secret agendas, and the relationships were shaky at best. The Reagan Administration pumped billions and billions into the CIA's black budget to help them, and due to a literal myriad of conditions, Bin Laden, the rise of militant fundamentalist Islam, religious ferver, etc, it basically blew back in our faces in the early 2000's.
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