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COPPA is a worthless law that doesn't merit any attention. It's just a stunt pulled by the conservative politicians; and it's ultimately powerless at keeping kids actually safe. All one has to do is lie about their age; or your age, and get you banned or shut down.

So it ultimately doesn't do any real good to enforce, and I think the PC staff is making a foolish move by suddenly enforcing it now; 10 years after the fact in a kneejerk response to some silly news story. The damage is already done and if anyone was going to complain; they'd have us anyway.

But if the case is that someone has already complained and it's being enforced; then the staff is making a mistake by not being transparent about that fact; and that's quite frustrating as well since many good members were unjustly banned because of a stupid law we didn't care about before.


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