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Any serious attempt at a yearly battling event should include a single elimination standard (official tier, no gimmicks) tournament for "PC's best battler" bragging rights. Assuming people still play the major Smogon tiers--I wouldn't know.

As for the DCC, it seems like it would be irrelevant now. It could conceivably promote some vague idea of "discussion" but the whole point of a DCC is very loose and casual interaction and that doesn't mix well with Pokemon discussion. At its best, Pokemon discussion is made up of well thought-out in-depth posts the put certain ideas a good discussion about anything, really. It is compelling because of its detail, and it gives rise to disagreements that lead to people learning and revising their outlooks on things. This is all nice but is antithetical to the idea of a casual discussion. No one wants to engage in what basically amounts to Pokemon small talk--just look at some of the "discussions" that amount to posts like "offense is my favorite style" or "dragons rule!" They fill space in a forum that resembles a former heavyweight champion now in his seventies living off of social security, but does anyone actually enjoy these things or get anything out of them? Unless the discussions are more intellectually intense, they almost certainly aren't worthwhile or at least can be done better on the server where they are less contrived and more likely to be filled with some organic humor and maybe a dash of spontaneous insight.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, it could very well just be a place for actual small talk but there is a server for that, and for better or for worse, that's basically the direction it has been going for years. It seems like it would be unnecessary. It was added back in the day to make the forum more casual (back when it wasn't), but now that has been achieved--and then some. In a vacuum, I really like the idea of a DCC now that people aren't running around like a bunch of jerks, but it probably wouldn't serve a purpose now. If anything, a daily serious chat would be more unique. lol.
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