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    Originally Posted by SereneAmbience View Post
    -I actually had this idea also awhile back. Like when your Pokémon is poisoned in battle, it pops up a bar with the picture of an item from your bag that fixes the status problem. Lets pin this idea to use after I finish the battle mechanics.
    -Mega-evolution. Even though I really dislike the idea of this, I would be willing to put in the released megas. The only catch is that someone would have to create the 2D sprites of these Pokémon first.
    I agree 110% the idea was made worse because you can only be in it for one turn another question that poped into my head was will you add 5th gens repel system honestlly 5th no matter what you say about it it has a amazing repel system also while it be required to get every singal 649+(for the forms i added +) pokemon for arceus also will you add the 6th gen legendary if so with there signature moves for example yveltov(death wing)