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Originally Posted by pokemoner2500 View Post
Why has no one commented on this yet? This looks like a cool idea but is there any plot or anything?
So far, the only thing I have up is a little demo to test out a randomized-floor dungeon. The point of the demo is to basically reach the highest number of floors you can, but overall is just to show how the game will end up being played.
As with the story, so far I have a little idea as to what it can be:

The theme of "teams" will continue on as with previous Mystery Dungeon games. This is as follows:

Rescue Teams -> Explorers -> Authority Force

Rescue Teams have always been about rescuing people, while Explorers was always about just exploring the vast land. Now, the next team I have decided to make was the Authority Force, which watch over the citizens and arrest the criminals. Kind of like police.

Story-wise, the first town will start in a place called Celeste Pier, which is a merchanting hub famous for its vastness. It will be based in Italy.
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