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    Fire - Heatmor because he's a fire-breathing bipedal anteater!
    Water - Magikarp 'nuff said
    Dragon - Altaria WHAT?! He's a dragon? O.o
    Steel - Klink Family SRSLY?! Gears linked together become a Pokemon?
    Poison - Swalot because he looks lame, and was not really useful in my Emerald.
    Flying - Zubat because 'A wild ZUBAT appeared'
    Tao Trio because they're the Pokemon with the lamest design that I've ever seen in my whole life!
    Grass - Exegcute because they're friggin' eggs!
    Rock - Probopass because mustache.
    Ground - Landorus didn't i mention in the flying, already?
    Ice - Delibird because Present..
    Bug - Burmy & Wormadam because too gimmicky.
    Dark - Vullaby because I hate the design.
    Psychic - Unown because Hidden Power..
    Ghost - Shuppet because I really don't like him since I first saw him.
    Fighting - Troh & Sawk because their designs are lame.
    Normal - Slakoth because Truant.
    Electric - Thundurus see flying. XD
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