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    Bulbasaur would be a good choice because it can sweep the first two gyms well and because there arent many other good choices in the grass department. But most likely it will get the least votes because IMO its the least popular among the three. Venusaur is on the cover of Leaf Green, but I think people still bought Fire Red because I mean come on its a Charizard.

    Charmander isn't bad at all. It and its evolutions ( Mainly Charizard) are iconic in the Pokemon franchize thanks to the Anime and because he was on the cover of two Pokemon games. But there are many good fire Pokemon, some even better.

    Squirtle is the 2nd in popularity IMO. He is also famous because his last evolution is on the cover of Pokemon Blue and most people here probably grew up with the Red, Blue and Yellow games. His biggest drawback is that there are many good water Pokemons( Like Lapras and Dewgong and Gyarados).

    I've played with all of them. My first playtrough IIRC was with Bulbasaur and I liked him a lot. My second was with Squirtle and I pretty much swept everything because he was overleveld, but I still felt a dent in my team and if I had a Lapras or at least a Dewgong it would have went easier/faster. But I still loved my Blastoise.
    My playtrough at the moment is with Charmander. The first gym was a PAIN because I only had my Charmeleon and a Pikachu. At least I had Metal Claw. I finished the game, just trying to finish the Pokedex.

    If I started a new playtrough I would go with Bulbasaur for old times sake.

    I always had problems choosing my Hoenn and Kanto starters.

    In the end my vote goes for Squirtle.
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