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    A lot of you are looking at this from your point of view as a more "hardcore" Nintendo gamer. For kids (and parents of those kids), this thing is perfect. Affordable and you avoid the risk of them accidentally activating the 3D (I know you can disable it by default on a normal 3DS, but a lot of parents don't. Not to mention the thing is basically a brick so it's most likely pretty durable, and can handle the abuse a child will throw at it.

    My brother (9 years old) never keeps his 3DS XL in his pockets, and never kept his DSi in his pockets either. He always had a travel case, so I'm only assuming most kids do that as well. Carrying anything in pockets is a bad idea for a child, because they tend to be forgetful, and take things out without remembering to put them back in. I see this selling well only because of the fact that it appeals to parents of young children. I'm sure a lot of older people will pick it up too, either because it's cheaper and they don't use the 3D or they just want a backup, but I would personally go to GameStop and get a used 3DS for like $20 more instead of buying this.

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