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Originally Posted by Andr3w View Post
very informative post
I agree, Andrew. Most people are looking at this from a hardcore gamer perspective. This tablet-looking system looks perfect for those of younger age who don't yet have that trait of responsibility totally in mind. I don't think Nintendo was trying to make a system better than what we have now, the 3DS XL; rather, they were just trying to make an affordable system that could be utilized by those of younger age. The 3D option on the 3DS systems we have now is pretty damaging to the eyes after long use, and some of you are not taking into account that most adults today are not very tech savvy. If I asked my mother right now to turn the 3D option on my 3DS off, she'd stare at me with a blank face. I think the design is kinda cute, not to mention it looks pretty durable, like Andrew stated. The system is bulkier and larger for a reason; it's aimed for those of young age, those who love to break everything in sight and throw things around. Nintendo has a really great marketing strategy with this system too; they're releasing it on the same day that Pokémon is being released. I think this'll sell, believe it or not. Heck, I might buy one myself.
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