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    To tell the truth, I actually kind of like this thing. The design really isn't too bad and it's a cheaper alternative to the 3DS for people on a budget and can't afford to pay the extra 40$. While 40$ may not seem like a lot of money to one person, to someone else with less money, that 40$ seems much more valuable. personally, I will be getting the 2DS because I lost my 3DS and I'm saving most of my money on other things.The 2DS allows me to get what I want but cheaper. The only feature it does not have is the ability to play games in 3D but in truth, I only used the 3D once or twice so it doesn't matter.

    Also, why are people saying this thing is not portable? I read an article saying that the 2DS will have a slider that will simulate the closing of the screen. It would be rather stupid for Nintendo to forget that feature.
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