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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
Edit: Even though kids won't be able to break this thing with hinges, I'm really worried about the screens, especially the bottom one. :x Kids are reckless. Both my brother and sister broke their DS hinges, and this thing is gonna get scratched up from the flo' up without a safe storage method. Though that's where carrying cases come in, I suppose. This thing won't fit in mine...and I have about four lmao. Oh well, new ones will be made.
I was always such a careful kid with my handhelds. I barely understand the argument that kids drop them all the time and damage the hinges. I... are kids really that careless with consoles? I suppose the answer to that is yes but it baffles me that people could treat consoles like that. Maybe it's because I got my first so late in my childhood that I well knew how expensive they were to replace or something. Though to be fair, consoles are a lot flimsier now than they were back when Nintendo first started putting them out...

Besides, this just seems bigger and more cumbersome to carry... so wouldn't that make it even more prone to dropping? Plus, the fact that you can no longer keep the screens safe in transit makes me question whether it's really as kid-friendly as people are saying it will be. :s People are making it seem similar to tablets like the iPad and whatnot, but those can have cases. I can't think of a feasibly effective casing for this thing because the shaping is really awkward, so I don't see how it's more kid-friendly than the other DS designs.

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