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Yeah, the only reason why I'm holding off on the overworld is because I need to make sure the game's main engine is working 100% first. Once I start shaping up the game I'll close beta testing to a few testers.

1. The duck is at level 30 and the randomly generated Pokemon have levels 2-25, so this kind of overkill isn't unexpected. In addition he has the stats of a fully evolved Pokemon. The attack has 90 base power, normal type, with increased critical hits/flinch rate 10%. If later it causes serious balance issues I might bring it down but it's more of a basic clearing move at the moment.
2. Do you mind telling me exactly what led this to happen? The name of the item will help too (Was it full restore, full heal, ect.), and what slot Bulbasaur was in (was he the first pokemon, second pokemon, ect. I'll be checking that out today. I'm thinking I may have already fixed this issue but I'll need to check. It's probably caused by the battle being paused with no way to start it up again. It may also be caused by the fact that you're using an old, incompatible save file as well.

EDIT: I can't replicate the glitch you're talking about but I did find another pretty serious glitch. It might have been patched already though. Again, more details will really help me a ton.

EDIT EDIT: Something tells me it's with the AI of trainers. The game seems to crash under certain circumstances. I'm looking for ways to circumnavigate this.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: FINALLY fixed this nasty bug.
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