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May I revive this thread ? :D

I have a few ideas of stuff I would like :

1) Different themes for gym leaders or any important trainer :
- look-based theme like dog theme, humanoid theme, mono-colour theme etc
- strategy-based theme like high att pokes, all pokes having boosting stats like swords dance, weather based theme, etc

It could be for example for 8 gyms :
Mono dog
Mono cat
Mono rodent
Mono humanoid
Mono item-based (voltorb, chandelure, etc)
Mono reptile
Mono dinosaur
Mono bird (many flying types + Blaziken and Empoleon)

Elite 4 :
Hail team
Sun team
Sand team
Rain team

2) After completing pokemon Colosseum and XD, I really enjoyed the double battles and I would like to see a fan-made game based on double battles. It could also have an emphasis on moves made for doubles like helping hand, wide guard by giving them a TM or move tutor status.

There would be additional themes for gym leaders in this hack as well such as surf+water absord/storm drain, trick room team, tailwind team, earthquake + flying/levitate etc.

I don't know if doubles are popular enough though, I still think they're under appreciated. I'd prefer 4th gen+ mechanics though, pokemon essential mechanics for doubles are still at 3rd gen afaik.
I support :

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