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Allora vs. Chaos
Round 3

The darkness dissipated to reveal a crumbling building. All around it, buildings fell and Pokemon fought with Ancients. Allora recognized this scene from just a few hours ago. It was the battle of Cape.

In the building, Paladin stood over the body of someone else. Allora walked closer wearily, still near to fainting from her mental injuries. To her horror, she found that the body belonged to... Veletra.

"It was his fault, you know."

That horrible voice came from beside her. She looked, and there stood what appeared to be a totally ordinary Golurk, only with the black coloration of Paladin's dark side.

"No!" Allora shouted at it. "Impossible!"

"Oh, please. I may be evil, but I'm no liar. His actions caused her death. And the death of sooooo many others." Chaos stared at the unfolding scene. It watched, emotionless, as Veletra died before them. "Just watch."

Allora watched, horrified, as Paladin sped off to confront another Pokemon - a Tyranitar. A Sentinel, it seemed. She just gazed at their colossal battle as it tore a hole in the city and killed thousands of innocent Pokemon.

When it ended with Paladin flying away, which Allora remembered seeing, she understood. Chaos was right.

"Of course I'm right. Even Paladin knows it," Chaos snapped. "Speaking of Paladin..."

The scene shifted to another familiar sight. It was not a memory but was, instead, Paladin's subconscious. Information whizzed all around her, but through the endless brainstorm, she could make out the shape of a Pokemon. "Paladin!"

She rushed towards him, but as she got closer, she noticed that something surrounded him: iron bars. Finally, she stood before his prison. There stood what was left of the once mighty Golurk: a thinner, frailer, creature chained to the wall. Allora couldn't believe what she was seeing - Paladin was trapped in his own mind by this... this thing.

Knowing Chaos was there, she turned around and screamed "SHOW YOURSELF!"

Sure enough, in an instant, there stood a dark Golurk before her. "This is what I wanted to show you..." it said eerily. Chaos extended a hand, and from it came a dark beam headed straight for Allora. She barely dodged it, jumping to the side. However, the dark beam did not stop. It kept flying through the information in Paladin's mind, burning any it came into contact with to a cinder. Finally, it reached the chaied Golurk. The beam burned through the iron bars and penetrated the Golurk's chest.

"Stop!" Allora shouted, heading straight for Chaos. However, when she was within a few feet of it, she found that she was repelled by some other force, and thrown backwards. The beam did not dissipate, it simply kept penetrating Paladin's chest, and as it did, Allora could see the life draining from him. His body grew smaller and shriveled, until finally, there was nothing but a husk.

Allora fell to the floor, defeated. She had failed. Her friend was dead.

"No, not dead..." Chaos rasped as the beam retracted, returning to it. "Simply... me." Allora realized that it had absorbed Paladn's life force. He was now part of it. "That's right..." Its voice began to twist, to change, "we are now..." It morphed into something familiar, "one." That word was said in the voice of her friend Paladin.

"No." Allora said, more sternly this time. She stood up, her grief being replaced by anger as she glared at Chaos. "He is gone. Dead. Because you are not him!" She bared her fangs, "And you never will be!"

With that, she charged at it. Predicting the barrier to be in her way, she focused all her psychic energy on it in order to break it, and sure enough, it shattered to pieces. Chaos, however, did not flinch.

"Hmph. Bravery will get you nowhere, child."

Chaos got into a battle stance. Allora lunged at it, cloaked in psychic energy, but it swiftly dodged the attack. She landed on all fours and twisted around quickly. Chaos stood on top of what appeared to be a floating bit of information. The information, at least to her, materialized itself as a large shard of glass reflecting the information it held. Allora did the same, jumping onto a nearby shard of information that floated aimlessly in the subconscious.

Chaos was next to attack. It sent a large shock wave of dark energy at Allora that destroyed all information around it. Allora dodged the dark shock wave by jumping over it, but it destroyed the shard of glass upon which she had stood. On her descent, she found another shard, and used her Psychic to lift herself up and onto it. Chaos attacked again, sending another shock wave, but she jumped off her shard and onto another one. Chaos sent a flurry of shock waves, all aimed at her, but she just jumped from one floating shard of information to the next until she was right beside it. Using her Psychic, she shattered the shard of info on which the thing stood, causing it to fall. However, it activated its Flight Mode, and rushed upwards to land on a shard of glass higher up. Allora hopped from shard to shard once more, hoping to get to its level. This time, though, it shot out shock waves and dark beams similar to the one that had killed Paladin. She managed to dodge most of them, though one of the beams grazed her side. The instant it hit, she could feel her life force being drained just a little. She could feel her life weakening.

"Hehe" Chaos chuckled with a smirk, "Your life tastes soooo good."

Allora got to the top, though when she tried to attack Chaos, it just disappeared. The fact that it hadn't really done any significant damage to her yet made her realize that it was simply toying with her.

"Right you are," it said, and you are so fun to play with."

The information shard on which she stood shattered instantly, causing her to start falling extremely fast. Just before she hit the ground, though, she used her psychic to lift her own metaphysical body up, and brought it down slowly and gently.

"What you don't seem to understand, Allora, is that with Paladin gone, this is my mind now." Chaos materialized before her. "And I can do whatever I want with it."

Suddenly, all the floating info shards stopped moving, and turned their sharp edges at Allora. All the while, though, the Ninetales kept her eyes fixed on the glowing red ones of Chaos, who kept its own eyes fixed on hers.

Then, the shard began raining down. Allora jumped around, managing to dodge the first few, but was then hit by more shards. Her already bloodied fur became almost totally red as the shards dug into her flesh, creating several large gashes and cuts. The shower of glass continued until she lay on the ground, helpless.

"You don't go barging into somebody else's mind and try to have your way, kid. Keep that in mind for the next few minutes that you're alive," Chaos said.

It walked towards her, a giant grin on its face. However, using what little force she had left, she stood, and once again gazed into those soulless red eyes. "You forget something as well, Chaos," Allora said with confidence. "My mind is in here too. Right now we're connected with a psychic link, which means I can do anything I could do in my mind here. Of course, you had Paladin chained up, so I couldn't do that. The link didn't work. But now that you've undone that..."

All of Allora's bruises and cuts suddenly disappeared, and her blood red fur became a shining white again.

"Wh-what?!" Chaos stammered, visibly stunned for the first time. "Fine then!" It recollected itself. "So be it..."

Chaos began to morph. Its form twisted as its body began to change shape. It grew an extra pair of arms, and its hands transformed into two sets of blades. The seal on its chest disappeared as the gash on it opened wider and wider, until it covered the entire front half of its body. Then, its legs retracted into its body and were replaced with wisps of smoke that seemed to hold up its body. Its glaring red eyes seemed to overtake its entire face. Allora knew this was not going to be an easy fight. However, with the full power of her mind at her disposal, she had to win this.

Without a word, Chaos shot a Dark Beam out of its first blade. Allora generated a psychic barrier in front of her, shielding her from the attack, and then enveloped herself with that shield, molding it to her shape so that it could protect her from attacks. She used her Psychic to grab hold of two shards of information and send them flying at the beast as a distraction while she charged at it. Chaos used two of its arms to slice the shards in half, and then directed its attention at the charging Ninetales. It sent a Dark Wave of energy at her, which caused her to be pushed back and stop her charge. Again, it sent a Dark Wave, which she countered with a Heat Wave this time. The two Waves clashed in midair, pushing against one another, and Allora took the opportunity to jump onto a shard and leap over the waves, descending straight for her opponent.

Chaos was quick to react, slashing with one of its swords. Allora's shield protected her, but the attack still knocked her back onto the ground. Then, she generated two swords made of psychic energy, which floated beside her, and charged at Chaos. It slashed with all four of its swords, but Allora could only deflect two of the swords, taking a hit to the sides from the two other swords.

Allora was knocked back, but sent a Heat Wave at her opponent, and charged right behind it, using it as a shield. Chaos, however, sent a Dark Beam straight through the Wave, directly at Allora. The beam struck her, and despite the fact that she was protected by her force field, she still felt its life force draining effects. This knocked her off course, and her Heat Wave ended up dissipating because of her momentary lapse of concentration. Recollecting herself, she jumped onto a shard of info, and used her Psychic to ride the shard towards Chaos. It slashed with its sword, shattering the glass, but she jumped off the shard at just the right moment, ending up behind it. She quickly launched a large Energy Ball straight at the deformed thing's back, knocking it off balance. She quickly proceeded to jump onto its back and use her psychic swords to slash at its head. However, Chaos deflected the slashes with its own swords and shook her off of its back.

Bearing a battle stance, Chaos slashed at Allora with one of its blades. She swiftly dodged the attack, but it quickly attacked again with the second slash, which she barely managed to avoid by jumping onto a shard. Almost instantly, the third slash came for her, and knocked her off the shard and back onto the ground. While she lay, there Chaos took the opportunity to strike with a Dark Beam, and ensnared her in its grasp. She grunted in pain as she felt her life being drained away.

"Ah... sweet, juicy life!" Chaos bellowed in Paladin's voice. Allora struggled against the power of the beam. She launched one of her swords at Chaos when it was too focused on her, and it hit the dark Golurk right in the face, causing it to fall over. Its beam, which still came out of its blade, was instead directed at a giant shard of information directly above her, which it managed to split in half, causing both pieces to fall down straight at Allora. Realizing she would never be able to get away before the shard crushed her, she focused her whole mind on her force field, and placed it above her.

The first blow was devastating, and it took all her force to maintain the force field so that it repelled the giant shard. With a mighty heave, she used the force field to throw the object in the direction of Chaos. Though it looked worried at first, Chaos released a dark flamethrower from its chest, which instantly burned a hole through the giant shard just big enough so that the monster passed through it when the shard landed.

The second half of the giant shard was too much, and the psychic barrier shattered, causing the information to crush her.

The Ninetales struggled under the shard, as Chaos approached, that grin plastered on its face.

"That looks claustrophobic," it chuckled.

That only served to fuel Allora's anger. The anger brought some mental power back, and using it in a last attempt, she generated a force field to lift the second shard up into the air and straight at Chaos. Its closeness to the shard did not give it enough time to react, and it was sent flying backwards. Allora got up wearily to find the dark entity stuck underneath the glass. However, it raised two of its blades and effortlessly slice through the information of the shard, freeing itself.

"Do you ever die?!" Allora screamed in frustration. This only caused the beast to laugh. When it stopped, its grin was even wider than before and Allora could see malice in its eyes.

"Baby, this isn't even my final form!"