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    Thank you for reviewing my first chapter, Astinus, I am very grateful. I'll sort out the grammar issues when I get a chance

    In the meantime, This is the longest chapter yet, enjoy

    Chapter 5: The New World Order

    Rocket Log Supplemental: This is the Boss.

    Today, it all begins...again.


    Everybody was finally gathered in the base, whispers echoing through the Viridian Gym as they waited for their Boss. The lights suddenly went out, prompting every agent into silence as the waited and wondered what was going on.

    From the front of the Gym, the sounds of mechanical equipment roared through the facility as everyone could now see a huge television screen was descending from the roof. The screen dropped into place, taking up a large quantity of the stage at the front of the Gym, when the screen blinked on, and images rolled through the screen.

    Images of destruction, buildings crumbling to the ground, children crying, and banks being raided flashed on screen, one by one. A few agents laughed at the images, as they recognised their handiwork, Team Rocket's handiwork. The images of destruction finally ended as a new setting flashed upon the screen. It was an interview room from some kind of news station. As footsteps could be heard, a figure reached the chair, and as he sat down all of the agents recognise who it was.

    "Brandon..." Jessie and James recognised him instantly, and they weren't the only ones. Brandon has been one of the most powerful Trainers in Kanto for the past thirty years, the Pyramid King, Leader of the Battle Frontier. One of the only trainers in the world who has authorisation to catch not just one, but three Legendary Pokemon.

    The room quieted as Brandon started to speak. "In their collective state, Team Rocket is utterly without mercy, driven by one will alone: The will to conquer. They are beyond redemption, beyond reason."

    His face flashed off screen to be replaced by another. In the same interview room, it was Professor Samuel Oak who sat down in the chair. Hundreds of agents remained silent as they waited for him to speak. "It is my opinion that the Team Rocket are as close to pure evil as any entity this world has ever encountered."

    Another man flashed on the screen, of unknown identity, once more Team Rocket was described by the face on the screen. "Team Rocket is the ultimate. They're unlike any threat we have ever faced before. They're obsessed with political conquest, wealth, power."

    Many other names and faces flashed onto the screen, Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, random Trainers, all giving their opinions on Team Rocket as a whole. Their descriptions did not give the criminal enterprise the highest of praise, but that seemed to be the point. The destruction, the madness that was left behind in Team Rockets wake, this was footage from the glory days of Team Rocket, when Giovanni had finally bought them to power after a long time in the shadows. Though why the footage was being shown to them now was still a mystery.

    The short film that was blaring through the Viridian Gym ended as another sound took its place. Coming from the balcony, the Boss had arrived to greet his followers. Wearing a sharp black suit in favour of the military uniform he had donned during the Unova missions, Giovanni was looking good! Cool, calm, collected, everything you'd expect from the Rocket leader.

    Standing still at the front of the balcony for a long while with his hands on the rail of the balcony, Giovanni just stood there, staring out into the sea of Team Rocket uniforms. He was showing no signs of any emotion, a blank look scattered across his features as he just watched his army looking back at him.

    Finally looking away, Giovanni started to pace back and forth on the balcony, and began to speak. "Well, well, well, good evening, my agents. It has been a while since we last spoke, hasn't it? And I thought it was about time we had a little chat, don't you?" Murmurs of surprise ran through the gym as the agents were taken aback at Giovanni's strangely conversational tone, yet he carried on.

    "I suppose you are wondering why I've called you all out here this evening." The Boss chuckled as if enjoying a private joke, "That shouldn't really be a surprise at all if you have any semblance of self awareness running through your veins."

    Speaking through the side of her mouth, "This is weird..." Jessie whispered to James.

    "You see, I brought you all out here to give you all a job evaluation, of sorts. As I'm not entirely satisfied with Team Rocket's performance lately….I'm afraid your work's been slipping, and...And well, I'm afraid I've been thinking about letting some of you go."

    "Oh, we are screwed..." Meowth hung his head in shame as he could just imagine Giovanni naming and shaming the trio in front of the whole team. Thankfully Giovanni didn't hear as he continued with the eerily strange conversation.

    "I know, I know. A lot of you have been with this organisation for a long time now. You remember the day I gave you a life line like it was yesterday. Cause you were nothing, weren't you?" He looked around the Gym, as if he was trying to look deep into the souls of every agent under his command. His light tone suddenly shifted to a darker place. "I gave you all life; I gave you all a purpose. You were all nothing, implicated in a life of petty crimes because your real life was just so painful that you couldn't quite keep on the straight and narrow. You leapt at the chance to join my organisation; you leapt at the chance to work for a higher power."

    His generalisation was correct, many petty criminals had joined the organisation, though his reasoning seemed a little flawed, the fact that Giovanni promise of immunity from prosecution played into the reason they all joined Team Rocket, as opposed to working for a "higher power".

    Wiping his brow with a hand Giovanni continued, "Of course, building an army from petty criminals was doomed to failure from the start. But I made you greater, I made you stronger, I made you better than you were before. I transformed you from low life scum into fearless warriors!" He slammed his hands on the rail in front of him. "Well, that was always my intention."

    The crowd of agents looking up at their leader were wandering just were Giovanni was going with this. The inflection of his voice was a lot more emotional than the way he usually spoke, and what he was saying was true for most, but he was glossing over a lot of information.

    Though calling Team Rocket members "fearless warriors" was a term most civilians would not use to call many Team Rocket agents, not anymore at least.

    "You see I have heard some disturbing rumours over the years, about all of you! But I know they aren't true. I know that none of my agents would fail me so, so badly." Giovanni stepped towards the edge of the balcony leaning over it in an attempt to get closer to his followers, "You wanna hear some of the rumours I have been hearing?"

    Jessie, James and Meowth looked to their side to see Commander Archer lose his straight military stance as he attempted to talk to Giovanni, "Excuse me, Giovanni, sir, can I ask were exactly you are going with this?"

    Giovanni's eyes shot down in his direction, clearly he wasn't expecting to be interrupted, even by his long time friend. "Archer, yes, yes, it's you! You are a problem..."

    Archer's confidence seemed to drain from his face as he heard the final statement. "I beg your pardon, sir?"

    Giovanni continued. "You shall see, my friend, you shall see. The rumours I have heard! My goodness, the strange rumours, the strange, strange rumours, they can't be true...they can't be! And yet I see them with my own eyes! How can you explain that! HOW!?" The volume of his voice grew louder and louder. "I discovered the truth! The unbelieveable, horrible secrets of what controls each and every one of you! I know it all..."

    Any professionalism that Giovanni once appeared to have at the start of his announcement was slowly crumbling as he was shouting and running around the balcony. Giovanni never acted like this, he was professional, calm, calculating, and everybody knew it. This was it. As clear as day, in front of every member of Team Rocket, Giovanni was slipping...

    "Wanna hear the secrets? I want to her them. I want to see your reactions as these words radiate through your soul. I want to hear them. I want to hear them." Giovanni's frantic movements around the balcony were starting to slow down as he repeated "I want to hear them" over and over again.

    He stopped dead in his tracks. Very so slowly he turned to face the army in front of them. And he started to laugh.

    The Rocket trio looked up at their once heroic leader, laughing like a madman on a stage in front of all his followers. They knew it. It was over. Giovanni was steadily losing control...and if he carried on like this, he'd lose something much more: the respect of his followers. Archer was shifting awkwardly and looking back at the sea of agents behind him before he tried to take charge. "Errr, Giovanni, are you alright, sir?"

    Suddenly stopping his laughter, Giovanni had a wide grin on his face as he looked down at Archer. "Yes, my friend, you know what? I have never felt better in my entire life."

    Archer couldn't help but stare back at the Boss as he once again started pacing around, rubbing his hands together, shaking his head. "This is my problem, Archer. This is my problem. I couldn't believe my ears when they told me. So they showed me. Then I couldn't believe my eyes when they showed me. Archer, this is what they showed me! They showed me evidence...they showed me reports...they showed me everything I needed to know, and that was it! My respect for you is gone!" Shouting once again, Giovanni looked out at the army before him and pointed out into the army of soldiers in front of him.

    "All of you...all of you are pathetic! Weak, useless...You know what I saw? I saw my agents getting defeated in children. CHILDREN! No, no, no, that cannot be right, it's not right, it's not right! My agents getting defeated in battle by children!? That cannot be right can it, Archer?"

    Looking stunned that his name had been mentioned, Archer planted on the best poker face he could before giving a confident answer. "No, sir."

    Grinning like a psychopath once more, Giovanni replied. "I beg your pardon?"

    "No, sir!" Shouting his answer this time, Archer could barely believe his eyes at how Giovanni was acting.

    "Good! Good, good, good. I knew it! They were lying! They were all lying! Team Rocket wouldn't fail me like that."

    Archer shifted on his feet and looked back at his friend, ranting and raving, making a spectacle of himself in front of all his subordinates. Not wishing the embarrassment on his friend, he tried to steer the speech in the right direction. "Giovanni, sir. I believe you were going to tell us about our next mission?"

    "Yes! Yes, I was...thank you, my friend..." Wagging his finger, Giovanni suddenly seemed to snap back to reality as he took a more professional stance. He placed his hands behind his back and addressed the army like nothing had happened. "Ladies and gentlemen, I am sure you have all heard now. I am turning this organisation upside down, and the next mission is of the upmost importance to our cause. From this moment on Team Rocket will change, as the old ways are finished..."

    He sounded more professional, but his words were still not making much sense to the agents below who were still reeling from the strange way Giovanni was acting.

    "You see, the police and usual law enforcers don't seem to realise our ideals any more. We have a reputation. We are no longer a force to be reckoned with, we are no longer powerful, we are merely a nuisance. And that, agents, that is entirely your fault. We are no longer a threat because you fail every chance you get! I can't remember the last successful mission, I can't remember a time where I was impressed, because you keep failing the missions I give to you...we are weak because you made us weak!"

    Once again, Giovanni's professionalism was crumbling, as he started shouting. "On Team Rockets latest mission, I took control! I had to get personally involved. I went to Unova to complete a mission because I no longer trust any of you. You are weak! You are pathetic! Every last one of you has lost all of my confidence."

    The gym was in total shock at what Giovanni was saying and how he was acting. Whatever they were expecting in these mission orders, it was certainly not a dressing down such as this.

    "I went to Unova with an army. Dozens died for our cause. They died in honour, they died in the image of Team Rocket. When your time comes, I fully expect you to die for Team Rockets prosperity, without questions!" He was once again slamming his hands down on the railing, emphasising that he would not accept any less than total commitment to the cause, even if that meant dying for Team Rocket.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, we are a nuisance no longer! We are warriors! We are Team Rocket! Your honour means more to you than your life! And nothing is more honourable than victory. Team Rocket will prevail! Team Rocket will prevail!"

    The delight in his voice as he repeated the final statement over and over again was a shocking contrast to the insulting tone he had been using throughout most of the speech.

    Giovanni calm down slightly before finally addressing what everybody was brought here for. "The mission? Well, that's why I brought you all here today. This will be like no mission you have had before, and we are not playing this game like we have played every other."

    Finally bringing the speech onto professional matter had peaked most of the Team Rocket agent's interest. "You see, I look around this room and I see a team divided. Look at you all! Different uniforms, different attitudes, different morals, different agendas. Today that stops! Today we stop being a collection of nonconformist and we become a proper army!

    "From this moment forward every Team Rocket agent will be united, we will be together, in every sense of the word. Every Team Rocket agent, including myself, will wear the same uniform. The black Elite Officer field uniforms, to be exact."

    "We did look kind of awesome in those..." Jessie and James cheered inwardly as they, and every other agent, were assigned the uniforms which Jessie and James had worn during their first missions in Unova.

    Archer looked a little uncomfortable at the news, "Everybody will wear the same uniform, sir? Even you?"

    "Yes, Archer, I will, you will. Every member the Rocket Empire will."

    "But why?"

    "That will become clear soon, my friend." He stopped engaging the Executive Commander and continued on with his speech. To give the Boss some credit, he did seem to have won everybody over after his strange outbursts, and everybody was intently listening to his every word. "You see, the mission is simple. Team Rocket is going back to its roots. Everything has become so convoluted lately, we have had agent's stations in Kanto, Johto, Unova, by spreading ourselves too thin we have been diminishing our chances of success. From now on we operate in Kanto and Kanto alone.

    "Something else that has been increasing our chance for failure is our missions: a handful of agents doing the jobs of an army, no wonder we haven't been thriving lately. And from this point forward, every mission will succeed, without question. Anybody who fails to do their job will become an enemy of the Rocket Empire." Taking a look around he was satisfied to see all of his agents hanging on his every word. "Now, Team Rocket, do you understand?"

    He got his answer as everybody in the Gym gave him a collective and convincing, "Yes, sir!"

    "Good...You see, from now on we will all be working closer together, and I will now get a chance to oversee your work a lot more. And I will accept no excuses. You win; you win at all costs, because the days in which Team Rocket is a joke are history. And if I ever see any of you get defeated in a battle you should win..." His speech trailed of as everybody watching made up their own ending to that particular sentence.

    The room had a hushed silence as the Rocket agents were left to digest everything that was being said.

    "The mission is simple. We, as a group, as one, will travel around every city in Kanto, and we will take every Pokémon from that city into our custody. No magic potions, no supernatural entities, no excuses. We will take every Pokémon from the city by brute force, strength in numbers! We will sweep in like a hurricane, a force of nature! It will be quick, it will be destructive and we will leave with every Pokémon in that city. All of us will be working together, destroying whatever comes in our way, and by god we will succeed!

    "Team Rocket will be a much closer unit than ever before. A clear collective under my command. Am I understood?"

    "Yes, sir!"

    "I am pleased. And now, as we are all a much ever before, I know that you have notice that there is a member missing from our new collective. One Doctor Zager. Now there is a story that I want you all to hear..."

    The Rocket trio exchanged worried glances at each other as they waited for Giovanni's explanation. They knew what happened, they were the only ones who knew what happened since the outright failure of Operation Tempest. But would Giovanni tell the truth about what happened? They were a little pleased with themselves so far considering their plan to stay out of the spotlight was working surprisingly well. They looked on, and watched on as the madman explained the events since they had left Unova.

    "On my way back from Unova after the success of Operation Tempest, I discovered a great secret. Doctor Zager was disloyal. For the past number of years that man has been conspiring with Team Plasma, giving away all of our secrets, all of our strategies. How that man could deceive all of us like that fills me with rage! I apologise to you all but I could not hold back my anger. I personally made sure that Zager's treachery stopped. Ladies and Gentleman, Doctor Zager is dead."

    A moment of shock ran through the Viridian Gym, Doctor Zager was a well respected individual within Team Rocket. He was Second in Command behind Giovanni, he handled to day to day operations within the Empire, while it was Giovanni and the Executives who doled out the missions once in a while. He was a Team Rocket man through and through, to hear that he was disloyal just didn't seem right.

    "On my way back from Unova he purposely crashed my jet into the Viridian Forest! He tried to kill not only myself but the only other three agents who survived Operation Tempest. Thanks to the ingenuity of my Persian everybody was able to survive, except for Doctor Zager himself. The traitor is dead, good riddance."

    A moment of silence filled the Gym, though weather it was out of respect for Doctor Zager or if Giovanni was just thinking of some something else to say was unknown.

    "Ladies and gentleman, at this time I would like you all to welcome the survivors of Operation Tempest onto the stage. Field Agents: Jessie, James, Meowth, come up here."

    Oh no...Oh no, oh no, oh no...The words were silent, but they were all felt simultaneously within the trio. Their plan to stay hidden was finally shattered as they did as Giovanni asked. Without thinking, just through pure habit they followed the Boss' orders, not looking anywhere but the ground in front of them, the three agents shuffled across the floor of the Gym and climbed the stairs to the balcony. They could feel the stares of hundreds of agents burning into the back of their heads as they slowly rose up to the balcony, and saw in front of them Giovanni greeting the agents with a strange smile plastered across his face.

    "Everybody, please welcome, Field Agents: Jessie, James and Meowth!" Giovanni started to applause fully expecting the rest of the army to follow suit. When everybody just stood there silently and showed zero respect for the trio, Giovanni either ignored the army or didn't realise how little respect the trio actually held within Team Rocket.

    The trio themselves were under no illusions. They knew how little the rest of Team Rocket thought of them. They had been on just one mission for five years, and still failed. They had captured absolutely no Pokémon for Team Rocket for years and years. They were viewed as a joke, the laughing stock of the Empire.

    And yet here Giovanni was, inviting them on stage, greeting them with...respect. Why? The mystery was cleared up as his speech continued. "As the traitor stranded us in the Viridian Forest, we were left defenceless, without hope in that fabled forest. But we survived. Not only did we survive, we thrived. James, tell them what you did! Tell them." Patting her on the shoulder and shoving her to the front of the balcony, Giovanni watched as James stood their shaking under the microscope of Team Rocket.

    A severe sense of stage fright washed over James as he looked out into the militia of agents who made no secrets about hating him and his partners. He was unsure of what to do, or what exactly Giovanni was expecting of him. "Ummm, errr, w-what exactly did we do, sir?"

    "Hahaha, modesty will get you nowhere in this line of business, agent. But very well, I shall tell them. Jessie, Meowth, get up here." Giovanni caught them as they had been slowing edging their way back down the stairs.

    Reluctantly, they walked towards the Boss who inexplicably had his arm around James' shoulders. And when they got close enough, he put his other arm around Jessie's. "Ladies and Gentleman, these three agents have finally done the extraordinary. On the journey home from Unova, at long last Field Agents: Jessie, James and Meowth managed to capture Ash's Pikachu!"

    Murmurs of shock reverberated through the Viridian Gym. It was a fine accomplishment, no doubt. Tough was it good enough to receive the amount of gratitude Giovanni was showing them? No chance in hell.

    "In light of such success I have been left with no choice but to perform one of the greatest coo in Team Rocket history. As of this moment, Field Agents: Jessie, James and Meowth are to be promoted to the rank of Executive Commanders!"

    Like a bolt out of the blue, a collective outpour of distain filled the room. Archer's, as well as many others, whole body convulsed in disbelief before Archer left his position and darted up to the balcony. The whole Gym descended into bedlam as agents started shouting out and declaring how bad a decision it really was. Though nobody was more stunned than Archer. He strode towards Giovanni, shoving the bewildered Jessie, James and Meowth out the way and stood face to face with Giovanni.

    "Giovanni! What the hell do you think you are doing?"

    Giovanni looked back at his long time associate, giving Archer a confused yet defiant stare, "Do you have a problem, Agent?"

    Archer couldn't believe what he saw. The Giovanni of old would have never done something so drastic, at least not without notifying him. "What?! Agent? I'm an Executive Commander of Team Rocket! I am! They are not! They never will be! They're useless! They are a laughing stock! And you are promoting them?! A promotion like this is unprecedented! Rising above two ranks in one shot is ridiculous to the extreme."

    Not taking being shouted in his face too lightly, the Boss shot back with venom. "They caught the Pikachu...what have you done for me lately?"

    "What? WHAT! Are you serious? It's a Pikachu! A PIKACHU! That deserves nothing! Never mind a promotion!

    "It is Ash Ketchum's Pikachu, the Pikachu this organisation has been following for years, the Pikachu that has bested most of the people in this room many times over, and is the Pikachu that is Team Rocket's most wanted Pokémon! You are well aware of how important this Pokémon is to Team Rocket so yes, my friend, the Pikachu's capture does deserve a promotion such as this one!"

    Archer couldn't believe what he was hearing, "You can't be serious...This is a's a joke...Giovanni, have you lost your mind?"

    "Hey!" A staggered trio finally shook off their surprise and swiftly made an enemy out of Archer. Jessie spoke up, "Giovanni has not lost his mind! We caught Team Rockets most wanted Pokémon, of course we deserve a promotion!"

    Archer spun around to look at the agents who were defying him. "Hahaha, awww, look who it is, Giovanni, your puppets think they are real boys. A capture of a single Pokémon, no matter how important, does not deserve a promotion, never mind a promotion to the rank of Executive Commander. I will not allow such absurdity to happen here tonight! And any argument that these three morons deserve such a reward proves that our leader isn't in his right mind." Turning back to Giovanni, who stood and watched as Archer was flat out insulting him. "So, Giovanni, I tell you this, if you promote those three fools to Executive Commanders right now then our perfect little Empire will fall down tonight!"

    "I will not have my authority challenged in such a manner, Commander. The promotion stands!"

    Archer started pacing back and forth on the balcony, not unlike how Giovanni was acting when his professionalism was slipping. "This isn't happening...this can't be happening, Giovanni listen to yourself! Can't you see? This isn't right!"

    "This is my organisation, word is final."

    The Commander took a long look back at his friend before finally deciding his fate. "Then I cannot see a way Team Rocket can continue the way it is anymore." Resigning himself to do what he never thought he would have to, Archer, stood up straight and recited regulations, "Giovanni, as the XO of Team Rocket, and acting under Article Y of the Rocket Military Code, I'm hereby relieving you of your command."

    Giovanni's eyes glowed in surprise, "I beg your pardon, Commander?"

    "You heard me. If Doctor Zager is indeed dead then that puts me to the position of Second in Command." Turning away from Giovanni, Archer faced the Rocket Empire watching everything unfold from below, and shouted his declaration. "Team Rocket, I am sorry, I am so, so sorry...I regret to inform you that Giovanni is no longer fit for duty. I now declare that I am taking command of Team Rocket!"

    "Hey! You can't do that! Giovanni is the Boss, not you!" The trio tried to fight what was unfolding in from of them. By some freak of nature they had found themselves as Executive Commanders, and they weren't going to let that slide without a fight. Unfortunately, Archer just ignored their comments and continued to address the army in front of them.

    "Team Rocket, Giovanni seems to have been compromised in some way, and I cannot let this Empire fall under his rule. From now on you will answer to me and me alone. Do you accept my authority?"


    The negative was from behind him, as Giovanni finally found his voice.

    Archer turned to face his long time companion. "Giovanni, my friend, I don't know what is wrong with you but you are clearly not the same man I have known all my life. It's just temporary, until you get back to your normal strength. We'll have our doctor's look at you, do not worry."

    "Persian...Kill the Commander."


    Giovanni snapped as he ripped Persian's PokeBall from his belt and threw it full force at Archer. The ball exploded in Archer face, knocking him back off his feet, and Persian erupted from the ball, standing defensively in front of the Boss.

    Kneeling on the floor, Archer tried to stop what was happening. "Giovanni, no!"

    "Persian, Hyper Beam! Hyper Beam, now! Kill him! "

    The beam blasted from the feline's throat and aimed dead towards Archer. The Hyper Beam followed through, levelling the balcony and tearing through the army standing on the battlefield as they dived to get out of the way. The Gym descended into confusion as the hundreds of people inside the Gym were scrambling and ducking for cover as Giovanni ordered Hyper Beam after Hyper Beam.

    Archer was able to dodge just about every one before the Gym exploded into chaos as some of the agents ran for cover while the brave among them started releasing their own Pokémon in self defence from the maniacal Giovanni who would not let up until his Persian had destroyed his former friend just like he had destroyed Doctor Zager.

    The Hyper Beams continued. Causing destruction to all four corners of the Viridian Gym, Jessie, James and Meowth ran for cover, dodging out of the way of the Hyper Beams that were slicing through the bricks and mortar of the Virdian Gym like a hot knife through butter. They ran away from the balcony and down into the battlefield were true chaos had ensued as now other attacks were filling the Gyms as Electabuzz's, Scythers, Golems, Ryhorns, Rydons, and a litter of others started mercilessly attacking each other in confusion at being let out in such close proximity. Some Pokémon tried to stop the almost suicidal nature of the Hyper Beams that were bringing the once grand Viridian Gym into nothing more than a crumbling pile of rubble.

    The trio had dodged and swerved as the battlefield was filling and a volley of attacks of all natures were coming from all directions, even the Pokémon couldn't been seen through the dust and smoke that had risen up through all the activity from within the Gym.

    "Persian, stop." Just as if somebody had turned off a light switch, Persian stopped his attacks under Giovanni's command. Giovanni looked around the chaotic Gym an saw hundreds of Pokémon and agents in a state of disbelieve as their mission orders had suddenly turned into a full on fight for survival. "Everybody return your Pokémon at once! I will have order!"

    One by one, the Pokémon, who were still attacking each other, which were crowding the Gym were returned into their PokeBalls as the agents watched on as Giovanni silently assessed the situation. Archer was fallen on the floor somewhere down on the battlefield, still alive, Giovanni regretfully saw. Jessie, James and Meowth were ducked behind some rubble and cowering somewhere near the back of the Gym, also somehow still unscathed from the mass outbreak of attacks within the Gym. And the once ordered group of agents stood down on the battlefield were in a random assemblage of people still on edge with PokeBalls in hand just in case another attack broke out.

    "Now listen up! Nobody, and I mean nobody tries to take power away from me! This is my world! I rule this Empire and you will all listen to ME!" His frantic nature had returned as shouted above the chaos that was slowly subsiding as the Pokémon were all returned. "Now, Archer, I don't know what you were thinking trying to take command of my army! Your attempt has failed! I run this ship! And nobody...nobody is going to change that."

    Looking a little worse for wear, Archer stood up and tried to reason with the defiant Boss who was now the only one upon the rise platform that was once a balcony. "But, Giova-"

    "Shut up! You failed in your attempt to usurp me just like you failed at everything! There is a reason why I am the Boss and you are not. You are a feeble, pitiable little man with delusions of grandeur and a rank that you do not deserve. And I? I'm the Boss! I'm the man! I'm the guy who will bring Team Rocket back into power! I am the only one who will ever command Team Rocket! Am I understood?"


    The sound of silence...nobody was agreeing, no "yes, sirs", no salutes, just a stunned silence as Giovanni was screaming over them.


    A quiet, small answer came from not even half of the agents on the battlefield. "Yes, sir."

    "Good! Now look, I am not a bad man...I am reasonable and Archer, you were brought up some interesting points, my friend. Now, Jessie, James, Meowth...where are you?"

    Climbing their way out of some discarded rubble from somewhere at the back of the Gym, the old building was somehow still standing, the trio emerged and made themselves known to the Boss.

    "Ahhh, there you are." Just like that, Giovanni returned to his speech as if nothing had happened. "You perform admirably in Unova and your capture of Pikachu will be the kick start this Empire needs to rise up and reclaim this region! So, in spite of the distain from some...I am proud to announce that your promotion to Executive Commanders stands!"

    The battlefield full of agents were not happy and they made it known as they all started talking at once, trying desperately to show the Boss how undeserving they really are of holding the rank.

    "I said shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP! I will have order!" They all cowered under Giovanni's anger, fully remembering how he had just tried to kill Commander Archer in plain sight. "Now, Archer has also brought up some interesting points. NO agent has ever received a promotion up the ranks of such a great length. And for a promotion of this nature, I want you to go above and beyond the call of duty. So I will give you that opportunity right now."

    Archer once again tried to reason with the Boss, "Giovanni, please, this is ridiculous..."

    "Archer, dont make me...Now look! You will all listen to me! There is no uprising; there is no change in authority! I am the Boss! You think you can challenge me? You think you can just change my mind? You think you can take my Empire away from me? Just try it, I'm begging you! Who has the power? I do! So who's going to try and take it away from me? Huh? Come on? I'm waiting..." The Empire of agents were taken aback from the sudden challenge set before them, but was anybody brave enough to take him on?

    "Just remember...just remember every time you all came snivelling to me after you had failed a mission. Just remember the fear you felt deep within you when looked into my eyes and you started shaking in your skin while you waited for my wrath. Just remember that feeling when you try to challenge me right now! Just remember how frightened you were back then when you try to challenge me tonight and do the right thing...and let somebody else try first!" He opened his arms in a challenging manner waiting for somebody, anybody to try and fight him. But would anybody pluck up the courage and fight the deranged Leader?


    Giovanni smirked at his faction, he was not surprised at the cowardice in front of him. He looked like he was going to start again with the challenge before he halted his train of thought, closed his eyes, took a deep breath and started again. "Now, everybody, as you can see we are all here in the great Viridian Gym. I brought you all here for a reason. And as you all know, this Gym was made for combat."

    "Uh oh..." From the back of the Gym, the trio didn't like the sound of that.

    Nobody heard, as the Boss continued. "And combat is exactly what we are going to see right now! Jessie and James verses Archer and another Executive in a full battle. With the winners becoming the undisputed Executive Commanders. That is fair, isn't it? I am not an irrational man. Now, clear the battlefield!"

    "Giovanni, I don't think this is the right-"

    "I said shut up, Archer! My decision stands, assume you position on the battlefield, NOW! Jessie and James, you too."

    Racing towards the front of the Gym, the trio tried to reason with Giovanni, combat was the last thing they needed, especially in the current state of this environment. "But, but, sir...we can't have a full battle." Desperately trying to think of any reason to get out of it. "Umm, we only have two Pokémon between us, we can't have a full battle with two Pokémon."

    "Hmmm, fine, yes. Matori! Retrieve these agents Pokémon from confinement."

    "Yes, sir. Absolutely, sir." The secretary dashed off to collect the Pokémon Jessie and James were forced to leave behind when they accepted their Unova missions.

    Not quite what they were hoping for but still it gave them some reason to breathe a little easier, Jessie and James tried to make sense of the rapidly changing circumstances which had just happened.

    Promotion...they had been promoted! They were Executives! If they were to win the battle anyway, and that was a big "if" in itself. They were pulled out of their daze when a collection of agents started dragging and pulling them towards the challengers area of the battlefield.

    Speechless, Jessie and James were grabbed and tossed towards the trainer's area of the battlefield by the unruly agents. As one grunt grabbed Jessie by the arm she swung around and hit the guy in the face, flooring him, "Don't touch me, moron!"

    The rest of the agents back off from Jessie's outburst as they reached the trainers area. Hands shaking as James looked around the Gym, seeing destruction and chaos before him. At least it looked like they weren't the only nervous ones; a lot of agents seemed uncomfortable with what had happened in the Viridian Gym tonight.

    None more so than Archer.


    Archer had found himself at the front of the gym where the Gym Leader would usually fight. He was surrounded by the three other Executive Commanders who were just as uncomfortable with the preceding as he was. Ariana placed her hand on Archers arm. "Archer, what is going on?"

    "I don't know...I don't know..."

    Ariana could barely keep her cool. "Giovanni tried to kill you!"

    Stating the obvious, Proton agreed that something wasn't right here. "Ariana is right; Giovanni cannot be in his right mind."

    "Whatever happens, Archer, we will stand with you."

    "I much appreciate that, Petrel. Come, Ariana, you shall fight by my side."

    "What? We are really going through with this battle?"

    "Yes," He grabbed Ariana's hand and gestured towards the trio who were being dragged into position opposite them on the battlefield, "First we shall dispose of these fools..." Before taking a longing look towards the Boss who was taking his place in the referee's position.

    "Then what of Giovanni? What if he tries to kill you?"

    "If he tries anything...I don't know, Protol, Pertrel, keep your eyes on Giovanni at all costs, if he does anything out of the ordinary, alert me at once." He took a deep breath before looking at his loyal followers once more. "If he tries to kill me again...then I will kill him first." His attention was brought to the Boss who was once again screaming at his army.

    "Alright listen up! You all know my stipulation. This double battle will be held under Rocket Rules!"

    An explosion of cheers erupted from the hundreds of agents as they realised the spectacle that was about to unfold.

    "No referees. No Knock-outs, no rules. The only way to win this matchup is to destroy your opponent's Pokémon, to let it know that it doesn't deserve to be a part of the Rocket Empire. The only way to win this match is to KILL your opponent's Pokémon!"

    The atmosphere turned to excitement as the agents whooped and cheered again. The hundreds of agents rushed out of the battlefield of the Viridian Gym they were standing on and gathered around the edges, whistling and cheering as they waited for the battle to begin.

    The trio looked around the Gym. Hundreds of Rocket agents were surrounding the battlefield, right up to the edge of the lines. Meowth couldn't believe his eyes as the dusty old gym was about to be turned into the home of an execution.

    Matori arrived back into the Gym and walked down towards Jessie and James' position. With a look of pity, Matori looked at the speechless trio, "Good luck, agents." As she handed them their Pokémon from confinement: Carnivine and Mine Jr for James and Yanmega, Seviper and Wobbuffett for Jessie.

    "Or alternatively, a way to win is to get your opponent to say "I Quit". And any Team Rocket agent who is worth anything will know that saying those words is not an option. Any agent who says I Quit will be killed themselves. My Persian has his orders to perform a Hyper Beam the second anybody says those words..."

    "Will your Pokemon die in honour on the battlefield, or will their trainers die in disgrace, uttering the unspeakable?" The Boss seemed to be bursting with glee at the events of tonight. "The winner will hold the rank of Executive Commander, and the losers Pokémon will perish. Now, without further ado..." The Boss smirked as he looked down on the battlefield, Jessie and James standing close together, PokeBalls shaking in their hands as they tried to pluck up the courage to begin this death match. Across from them the current Executive Commanders, poker faced and eager to destroy the ones who threatened their position.



    Authors Note: Reviews as always are welcome and I would love to hear some predictions about how the big battle in the next chapter will go. I can promise one thing, there will be a death in Chapter 6
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