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I was always such a careful kid with my handhelds. I barely understand the argument that kids drop them all the time and damage the hinges. I... are kids really that careless with consoles? I suppose the answer to that is yes but it baffles me that people could treat consoles like that. Maybe it's because I got my first so late in my childhood that I well knew how expensive they were to replace or something. Though to be fair, consoles are a lot flimsier now than they were back when Nintendo first started putting them out...
I've always been careful with my stuff as well, but there are kids that think everything they own is indestructible, kids with behavior and anger problems that will toss them, kids that are clumsy will drop them, etc. My brother was just a rough player, which is how his hinge broke. My sister is clumsy and dropped hers a lot. So while it's weird to those of us that take care of our things, especially gaming consoles, it's more common (that I've noticed anyway) that kids will drop them, press buttons too hard from over-excitement, what have you. It's not always about being careless, really. There's accidents too. :( Those hinges aren't too hard to break either. I'm careful with my things and my original DS' hinge is a tad loose. And that happened after I was pretty much done with it. So idk what happened there.

And Seattle, I should clarify about the portability thing. It's not as easily portable as its predecessors. :P I have a big purse with lots of pockets, so if I really wanna take mine all over the place, I can put it in its own pocket in my bag. For guys though, who generally don't carry purses or bags of any kind, it'll be tougher to carry around, since it's not foldable.

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