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    I'm pretty sure the 2DS is more geared to younger players. Young kids can get their eyes damaged if they use the 3D feature incorrectly. The 2DS, IMO, is a great idea. MY little sister's are big Nintendo fans, I'm sure they'd want games like Pokemon Rumble, Super Mario, Ocarina of Time, Pokemon X/Y Mario Kart, etc, without the risk of hurting their eyes. I have a 3DS, and I've only used the 3D feature once or twice for OOT, It was annoying to have to keep the DS at the certain angle and a certain distance from my face. And IMO, Ocarina of Time wasn't that different without it. And it's $40 cheaper, which is great. I think the design might be a little clunky, but it is certainty kid friendly, which I think is what Nintendo was aiming for

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