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    Originally Posted by PhoenixWright77 View Post
    While I do agree that 3D is a pretty cool feature, I really can't see how you and some others can play on some of those games without getting distracted. Some of them I can understand, Paper Mario for instance since it does not require quick actions. But, for the life of me I just can't figure out how you were able to withstand, Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, and Star Fox 64 for more then a minute or two. '
    Because the frame rate is still the same in 3D for those game. Kid Icarus is still 30fps in 3D, while MK and SF64 are still 60. :P And the 3D itself aren't distracting at all. It was at first, but after playing with it for a while (10 minutes. No I'm serious.) you get accustomed to it. In fact, 3D enhances the experience not just aesthetically, but functionally as well. It's much easier to tell the distance in 3D in Star Fox and Kid Icarus for example...actually it's a big help for all the games I mentioned.

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