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Ryan Cutlass - Water Bender

Name: Ryan Cutlass
Element: Water!
Additional weapon: Golden Cutlass with blue linings on the pummel and sides. Blade can be frozen over with a sharp layer of ice to deal more damage. Ryan also possesses a Water Falcon named Falco, which very much resembles a falcon with a seal-like tail.


Ryan, as most Water Benders of the URN, comes from a cold place. Very cold place. A snowy plain, to be exact, surrounded by a mountainous area which is extremely hard to go through. And due to the cold climate there, Ryan wears warm, heavy clothes to protect himself from the harsh climate and weather conditions. This includes a navy blue coat, a blue jacket he wears even when sleeping, dark blue leggings, a simple scarf and leather belt, and warm leather boots, made of Walrus skin. He also carries with him a small gourd/bottle (however you wanna call it) attacked to his belt containing distilled water for bending; in case no water/snow/ice is around; however he prefers using his cutlass in these situations.

In terms of body, Ryan is pretty tall for his age, and has always been looked up to (literally) for this. His hair is Dark brown with a wisp of lighter brown hair over his forehead. As most water benders, his eyes are of a deep shade of blue. Despite his great length, he is not considered bulky and is mostly skinny - having not much muscle to back up his tall looks - and is quite agile for his size, especially at sword-fighting and ranged combat. He is also an expert at handling battleships and other boats, as well as fighting in the water and swimming at great speeds.


As suggested by the interesting family name, Ryan comes from a family of Pirates. Yes, you read it right: pirates. While him and his relatives are not anymore, their ancestors certainly were, and their rowdy, hasty behavior definitely stuck to the family line. Ryan is an excited, fun-looking individual, who talks much - too much. He is incredibly social and will walk up to anybody to end up chatting with them like they are best friends. Other might call him childish at times, too.

He often gives others the feeling of being silenced by him, as he usually hogs conversations. He also possesses the ability to "smooth talk" with ladies, which often results in him getting slaps to the face and possibly worse injuries (especially when involving cute fire-benders). Despite his hastiness, he is never arrogant and rarely enjoys leadership or responsibility, even though he takes it seriously when needed.

Brief History *sigh*:

As mentioned before, Ryan's family comes from a famous line of Pirates and Seafarers all over the cold water kingdom, and beyond. I feel that before we go to speak about Ryan we should talk about one of his ancestors who resembled him very much: Edward "Falco" Cutlass.

The name had been made up by his own enemies and admirers, in fear of him. The young pirate was feared for his handling of battleships and huge vessels, as well as hand-to-hand/sword combat, robberies, and even assassinations. His most popular feat is the event where he narrowly escaped a whole legion of Water-palace guards, by blinding them with an enormous flock of sea falcons, giving him the name "Falco".

As a child, Ryan was diagnosed with hyperactivity (something which his ancestor also "suffered" from), making him a very turbulent and curious child. In an attempt to cure this, his mother took him to his grandfather, who was the old village psychic; and who taught Ryan meditation and how to surmount his physical hyperactivity by using his mind to calm it. this was when they realized Ryan was more than just a normal waterbender, he actually talked to the water.

This caused Ryan to rely more on his head and mouth than his body, and eventually overcome his hyperactivity. In the time he was at the training camp, he always sat in the middle of groups and always tried to befriend the other children, often making jokes, and quickly making him popular among the children.

Back home, Ryan's grandfather taught him about his ancestors (both pirate and honest), but Ryan was fascinated by Edward. Noticing this, his grandfather told him he looked a lot like him, and so proceeded to teach him about him.

A few years later, as Ryan got older (around 14-15), his grandfather started teaching him the higher bases of waterbending, such as the formation of ice. Meanwhile his father taught him seafaring, and swimming. It was all happy until the day his grandfather passed away.

Ryan was broken apart by his grandfather's death, and stayed many weeks inside without bothering to eat or do anything else. It was then when his mother walked in, holding a basket with a curiously large egg in it. It was a last gift from his grandfather, a Water Falcon egg, just like the one his ancestors used. In the memory of Edward Cutlass, he decided to name the bird "Falco".

Sample Roleplay:

"You see this water?" said the instructor Ryan was working with, and pointed to a small, circular puddle filled with water. She had been mentoring him for a whole week now, and Ryan was getting used to her, and how she wanted things done. "I want it gone. Easy, right?"

Ryan nodded, confident he was going to be able to do it. Just how do to it, he still had to figure out. Did she want it moved somewhere else? Did she want it to disappear? Did she want it to turn into something else? All these questions floated in his mind as the child wondered how to do the task.

Maybe if I ask it to go with my water-thingy... I dunno.

He hesitated at first, scratching his head. "Well?" said the instructor, raising a brow, smiling. 'you said it was easy, no?"

"Hold on, my head is thinking!" the child interrupted, and looked at the water. "Hgnnn..."

The water started bubbling and frothing, slowly rising to the edge the puddle and then quickly back down to the bottom, as if it was breathing independently. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, globs of water splashed out, hitting both Ryan and the instructor in the face. Instants later it stooped, and the pool where the water had been was now empty.

The instructor came up to him, and handed him a towel to dry his face. "You did it... Not as I expected, but you did. Good job, pirate boy." she said. Ryan smiled. 'Oh, it was easy, you know. It's just my head who does it all, I don't do anything, really! My mommy-" the instructor put a hand on his shoulder. "Whoa there, matey, slow down. There's more to do. Show me more, then we can talk." she told him, smiling.
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