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    I think the 5th Generation will just low it's popularity in the online tools, as even today its already hard to find a battle sometimes (or maybe it's just me) but as for the games, I believe that they will probably still be played by a part of the Pokémon Fans, as it was actually an important gen with all the new features it bought as well as the first actual sequel games to the originals, its probably, in my opinion, the most story-deep pokémon games so far and should definitely still be played.

    In my own regret I have to admit that I have basically "ditched" the Pokémon Franchise for quite a while, and haven't shown a single interest to my either 4th Generation or 5th Generation Games and as well as the impact of Pokémon had on me, but I believe the day where I pick my old games again and starting play them again that the whole magic will come back, and that day won't take long to happen.
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