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Hey thanks for bumping this up Zach lol. The new time is so much easier for me. All though I record all of the episodes on my DVR, I love watching them as they air and 6pm is so much more convenient to me.

Well anyway,I really hope they do, but from the look of the preview of the episode it's not likely. PB is really trying to prevent FP from getting too emotional and destroying things. I'm sure she still believes something bad will happen if Flame Princess and Finn get back together.

Also there's something I was wondering. The last three episodes were romance focused and not a whole lot of adventure and I've noticed that some people on Adventure Time's facebook page saying they which the show had more adventures and less romance and that the romantic stuff is getting boring. So I was wondering?

Do you think the amount romance in the show recently boring or are you okay with it? Do you want more adventure focused episodes?

Just another topic to keep this page going till Monday. I haven't really posted in here cause we haven't had an episode in almost two weeks. You guys are more than welcome to suggest topics to keep the place active cause I love seeing people post in here more often.
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