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I think you should focus on the main regions and maybe the sevii islands. Taking on the anime and spinoff regions too sounds a bit least right now.

I also think it might be a good idea to go basic on the graphics. Straight out use default pokemon tiles from the GBA games if you have to. Whatever has to be done to reduce complexity.

In terms of pokemon levels, personally I feel the best tactic would be to do something similar to the anime where you can't bring your current pokemon to the next region until you defeat it's elite four. Perhaps you could add some sort of trainer skill level that doesn't reset between regions...just to have a level that stays consistent.

I fully support a game like this and really if people are so pessimistic about it....then it will never happen. I would think the undertaking should be realistic though (no fluff or major differences from the official games) and you'll need to be eternally committed to doing it.

You'll probably need to have a team of people too.
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