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I like Blastoise a lot but he's not a favourite of mine - he's just a generally good mix of cute/badass and I adore turtles in general so he gets a free pass. Feraligatr is one of the worst Pokémon I've ever seen and I can't begin to understand why it's winning this poll - it's so ugly and the name is awful haha. Swampert's okay but nothing special, I wouldn't choose to use one but I've got nothing against it. Empoleon is my favourite because it's quite literally the emporer penguin - it looks so regal and threatening whilst maintaining a huge air of 'cool' about it and it's a lot of fun to use on a team. Then Samurott is another one like Swampert that I'm very indifferent about; I've got nothing against it but it's not something I'd choose to use.