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SoulSilver Ground Monotype, Update #8

-Got the EXPN Card at Lavender Town.
-Caught a Diglett that I found while using Rock Smash in Vermilion City. Named it Iseult.
-Battled the Snorlax on Route 11. Caught it just for the Leftovers.
-Went through Diglett's Cave.
-Battled the trainers in Viridian Forest.
-Arrived in Viridian City, just so I could fly there later.
-Arrived in Pewter City.
-Got the Rainbow Wing from the old man.
-Took on the two Gym trainers; Arcana made short work of them.
-Challenged the Gym Leader, Brock!

Pewter Gym overview:
Eh, i'm not even gonna bother making a team overview, because Gareth was faster than all five of his Pokémon, except Kabutops, who did less than half with Aqua Jet first, and OHKOed them with Choice Specs Earth Power. Gareth grew to Level 53 after beating that. "Hard time inflicting any damage" my ***. Seriously, the Rock-type is very susceptible to special attacks, bro.

-Returned to Celadon City and took on the trainers in the Gym.
-Challenged the Gym Leader, Erika!

Celadon Gym overview:
Team entering the fight: Lionel LV52 / NeverMeltIce - Ice Fang, Ice Shard, Earthquake, Mud-Slap
Rocky LV51 / Quick Claw - Dig, Double-Edge, Curse, Crunch
Marhaus LV51 / Soft Sand - Stone Edge, Earthquake, Explosion, Double-Edge
Arcana LV52 / BrightPowder - Surf, Earthquake, Mud Shot, Yawn
Gareth LV53 / Choice Specs - Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, Double Kick, Earth Power
Morgause LV24 / Amulet Coin - Cut, Strength, Rock Smash, Sand-Attack

She starts off with Jumpluff while I open with Lionel. I use Ice Shard, which kills her in one hit.
Next up is Tangela. She probably won't die in one hit, so I switch out for Gareth as she uses Wring Out, which hits rather hard. Me: 89/168 HP. I hit with Fire Blast and kill her in one hit.
After that is Victreebel. I miss with Fire Blast, and she kills me with Leaf Storm. I bring in Lionel, and Ice Fang leaves her with 1 HP, and she kills me in one hit with Leaf Storm without a critical hit despite the -2 Sp Atk. Her: 1 HP and -4 Sp Atk. I send in Morgause, but since she uses her Full Restore, I use Rock Smash, which doesn't even get the Defense drop. Her: 99% HP and -4 Sp Def. I use a Revival Herb on Lionel as she kills Morgause with Grass Knot. I send in Lionel again, and MISS with Ice Fang, as she sets up Sunny Day. Seriously?! She uses Leaf Storm again, and even with -4 Sp Atk it still hits ridiculously hard, but I kill her with Ice Fang. Me: 66/182 HP.
Finally is her ace, Bellossom. I send in Arcana as death fodder to Giga Drain just to stall for time for the sunlight to fade. I send in Rocky, and she uses SolarBeam, which leaves me with 1/5 HP, and I use Double-Edge, which doesn't do very much at all. Her: 3/4 or so HP, Me: 18/155 HP. The Quick Claw activates and I get in one more hit with Crunch, which lowers her Defense, before she kills me with Giga Drain and gains some HP, then the sunlight fades. Her: 55% or so HP and -1 Defense. I send in Lionel and use Ice Fang, praying to god not to miss…! It hits, and kills Bellossom, ending the battle. Lionel grows to Level 53 after that.
This battle, on the other hand, wasn't much fun at all, because of TWO misses that changed the outcome of the whole battle. I guess all things considered, even if I had killed Victreebel, Bellossom could have survived an Ice Fang or Fire Blast and set up Sunny Day, but it wouldn't have been much harder at all even then, because I could have just had Lionel use Ice Shard to finish her off. But NOOOOOOOOO, I had to miss twice and things got incredibly complicated. That was just stupid.

-Met Steven from Hoenn and found out about Latios.
-Got the Magnet Train pass from the girl in Saffron City.
-Spent around two hours biking back and forth through Goldenrod City and Route 34 until Baoba called me saying he has more objects.
-Went back to the Safari Zone, used Peak objects in the Desert and caught a Hippopotas named Lancelot.
-Went down Cycling Road, battling the trainers to get some EXP. After beating one of the Bikers who had a Weezing, Lancelot evolved into Hippowdon.
-Arrived in Fuchsia City.
-Entered the Gym, skipped the trainers and challenged the Gym Leader, Janine!

Fuchsia Gym overview:
Team entering the fight: Lancelot LV46 / Exp. Share - Dig, Earthquake, Crunch, Double-Edge
Lionel LV53 / Choice Scarf - Ice Fang, Ice Shard, Earthquake, Mud-Slap
Rocky LV52 / Amulet Coin - Dig, Double-Edge, Curse, Crunch
Marhaus LV51 / Soft Sand - Stone Edge, Earthquake, Explosion, Double-Edge
Arcana LV53 / BrightPowder - Surf, Earthquake, Mud Shot, Yawn
Gareth LV53 / Choice Specs - Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, Double Kick, Earth Power

She starts off with Crobat while I open with Lancelot, which activates the Sandstorm. She uses Confuse Ray, and I hit her with Crunch, which does a decent amount and gets the Defense drop. Her: 3/4 or so HP and -1 Defense. I switch out for Lionel as she uses Wing Attack, but that doesn't do much at all. Me: 157/185 HP. I use Ice Fang, which kills her.
Next up is Weezing. I stay in just to see how much Ice Fang does - around half, pretty good, but she poisons me with Toxic. [B][COLOR="Gray"]Her: 45% or so HP, Me: 146/185 HP and badly poisoned. Another Ice Fang finishes her off. [B][COLOR="Gray"]Me: 124/185 HP and badly poisoned.
After that is one of her Ariados. I switch out for Rocky, as she uses Scary Face but misses. Her: 15/16 HP. Since i'm not sure what she'll do, I use Curse, as she uses Scary Face. Uh, okay? Her: 7/8 HP, Me: Full health, +1 Attack and Defense and -3 Speed. She uses Psychic, which does PATHETIC damage as I burrow under the ground. Her: 13/16 HP, Me: 143/159 HP. She misses with Psychic and I surface Dig, and she barely lives but the Sandstorm kills her.
Following is her ace, Venomoth. She uses Double Team, gah, while I burrow underground. Her: 15/16 HP. She misses with Signal Beam, and Dig almost kills her…but the Sitrus Berry activates. Her: 1/5 or so HP. After thinking it over as to whether I should use Dig or not, I decide to use Crunch. Good timing, because she doesn't heal. Instead, she uses Signal Beam, which hits decently, but I finish her with Crunch.
Finally is her second Ariados. She uses Night Shade, but I go for Crunch, which kills her with a critical hit, ending the battle.
Overall, that wasn't too hard. Thankfully her annoying tactics like Confuse Ray and Double Team didn't hamper me at all. And the Sandstorm helped a bit. This was the first important battle I got to use the Sandstorm in, so that was nice.

So here's my team:
Golem (M) "Marhaus", Level 51
Nature: Brave
Ability: Rock Head
Moves: Double-Edge, Earthquake, Explosion, Stone Edge

Quagsire (F) "Arcana", Level 53
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Water Absorb
Moves: Earthquake, Mud Shot, Surf, Yawn

Steelix (M) "Rocky", Level 52
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Sturdy
Moves: Crunch, Curse, Dig, Double-Edge

Nidoking (M) "Gareth", Level 53
Nature: Rash
Ability: Poison Point
Moves: Double Kick, Earth Power, Fire Blast, Thunderbolt

Mamoswine (M) "Lionel", Level 53
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Oblivious
Moves: Earthquake, Ice Fang, Ice Shard, Mud-Slap

Hippowdon (M) "Lancelot", Level 46
Nature: Jolly
Moves: Crunch, Dig, Double-Edge, Earthquake

We're almost there =)
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