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    Originally Posted by Le pug View Post

    Le pug is talking.

    Because building a pokemon hack is not just for fun, it's a learning experience. You learn a language that you (for most) have never seen before. You also get to be creative by using your artistic abilities to create maps, whether they be your personal tilesets or not. You are also creating a story and writing stories is a great way to become smarter, as you have to think of a story that is intriguing enough for everyone else to want to follow. The many events of trial and error you encounter in scripting also tests your patience and your ability to troubleshoot and fix things. This makes you handy and reliable and will help you go far in life. Besides all that, yeah it's a time killer and it's productive instead of just playing a game, you're building one.

    ...okay le pug is done.
    still sssshhhh.....
    Totaly agree,
    couldn't said it better myself!

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