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    Originally Posted by Juxapose View Post
    I'm pretty sure this was already asked somewhere, but I couldn't find the post that answered it.

    Okay, money is starting to be an issue in my games. Services at Join Avenue, Vitamins, Full restores and other expenses have wiped me clean. Does anyone have any advice to get more.

    Please no Gameshark codes or the likes.

    Before anyone points at the Underwater temple and go treasure hunting, I have already done that for both my games.

    Rechallenging the Elite 4 is time consuming, and it costs money unless I have a team of Level 100 Pokemon. My team is still level 85-ish, and still receive nasty damage from the Elite 4 and champion.
    Try hunting treasures in Undella Bay, PokeStudio Fans' gifts can help quite a bit, but both are quite time consuming as well.